First FC of “Sudden Death” on guitar achieved by UKOGmonkey!

Wow! That was fast! You may have caught a glimpse of “Sudden Death”, the final challenge in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on the “un-FC’d” list for a second or two there, but UKOGmonkey made sure people in the US have no shot at being the first to full combo it on expert guitar.

The track, in which Guitar Hero actually asked Dave Mustaine of Megadeth to put in more solos in it after the first draft of the song was turned in, hasn’t really been heard much outside of poor quality, which makes the song even more difficult to FC this early on.

Unfortunately, the video had to be switched on in the middle of the song, when he realized that he had a legitimate shot at FC’ing it, but the good news is that he didn’t miss a note while reaching to flick on the record button!

Check out the first FC of “Sudden Death” below and be sure to subscribe to UKOGmonkey’s YouTube channel for other achievements before you find them on here.


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One Response to First FC of “Sudden Death” on guitar achieved by UKOGmonkey!

  1. Sumboxcar182 says:

    Wow I can’t believe how fast these songs are getting fc’d. Can’t wait to see the first random note fc.

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