ESRB reveals Eminem and Biffy Clyro in Guitar Hero Live

Some more news for Guitar Hero Live courtesy of @GrumbleVolcano6 via @GoNintendoTweet.

ESRB ratings have often been a good way to discover songs in our favourite music games and this time it’s revealed two songs by Biffy Clyro and surprisingly Eminem!

Rating Summary: This is a music and rhythm simulation game in which players simulate performing songs on a guitar. Players are scored based on the accuracy of notes hit. Some song lyrics contain the word “sh*t” and references to alcohol and drugs (e.g., ‘Smoke crack for me, read jack for me”; “But I done did enough codeine to knock Future into tomorrow”; “Eating babies, drinking black brandy”; and “Acting stupid getting drunk with my best friends.” ). [Ed: The Rock Show by Blink 182)


‘Smoke crack for me, read jack for me”

We already knew Biffy Clyro was in the game with Sounds Like Balloons, but since ESRB doesn’t rate online content we can definitely expect Victory Over The Sun to be on the on disc setlist for Guitar Hero Live!

“But I done did enough codeine to knock Future into tomorrow”

Yup, Eminem will be on Guitar Hero Live with his song Bezerk. Don’t grab your pitchforks so soon as Rick Rubin produced this song and it’s basically just Em rapping to Billy Squier’s The Stroke, which has been in Guitar Hero and DJ Hero.

Is the inclusion of Eminem and Biffy Clyro on disc a selling point to you? Let us know!


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Gamescom: Sixteen Songs confirmed for Guitar Hero Live

The press release from Gamescom just came in with some new information for Guitar Hero Live!

Guitar Hero fans will need to warm-up their vocal chords.  At Gamescom, Guitar Hero Live is confirming singing mode for local co-operative play, bringing the party back to the living room like never before.  Singing alongside the core guitar-based gameplay has always been something that defined the Guitar Hero party experience, and the inclusion of vocals in the game delivers another way for players to have fun together in Guitar Hero Live.  By plugging in any USB mic, aspiring rock stars will be able to sing to tracks in GHTV and in Quickplay in GH Live, complete with a lyrics highway and note track along the top of the screen. 

Across both game modes, Guitar Hero Live will give players access to more tracks than ever before in a previous Guitar Hero title.  Joining the line-up of songs announced thus far, bringing the total to 100, are the following:

Songs in bold were not previously known till today

Of course, once again there’s some GHTV confirmed songs mixed in so we still don’t know what is in GH Live and what is in GHTV…

Also at Gamescom, Guitar Hero Live is unveiling Rock the Block, the second music festival in GH Live. GH Live is the first person, live-action mode that puts you on stage as the lead guitarist.  Rock the Block is set in the US and takes place in the heart of an imagined city landscape in the game. With its origins in a number of smaller festivals that used to take place in and around Boulder City, Rock the Block is a spontaneously evolving event that encourages attendees and passers-by to be drawn into the festival experience.  Rock the Block joins SoundDial, the previously announced UK-based festival, as the two fictional settings a player will visit in Guitar Hero Live. Within the two festivals fans will play a variety of stages, ranging from small club stages, to headlining massive, open air mainstages. 

That seems to be all the information so far via Gamescom. Are those tracks changing your mind about this new edition of Guitar Hero? Let us know!


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Guitar Hero Live adds Scored Vocals

News from Gamescom this week as @GuitarHero and @FSGStudio’s have revealed a new trailer showing off two new features of Guitar Hero Live.

It has scored vocals now! Check out GH’s new Community Manager, Stevie Ward singing a previously unrevealed @Interpol song in the trailer below.

The other thing revealed is that once you hit Level 10 in GHTV mode, you’ll unlock “Rivals Mode” which allows you to do a classic PFO match with someone. How this is implemented outside of your Friends List is unclear but it’s definitely a welcome addition to the competitive scene of plastic guitars!

Will vocals be a solo mode we can play? Has this changed your opinion on Guitar Hero Live? Let us know!

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Acai28 Pierces the Veil with Veteran footage of King For A Day

There’s been a mixed reaction to the initial announcement of Guitar Hero Live and the ones that followed from passionate score chasers that inhabit the catacombs of

When @GuitarHero announced that they would have a playable demo at SDCC, one Scorehero member, Acai28 decided to see for himself what GH Live was all about.

For those unfamiliar with Acai28 he was the winner of the 2010 WCG Guitar Hero Championship (amongst other titles) which he battled a more familiar name to the community, @ukogmonkey!


Check out his Veteran (Expert) runs on both @piercetheveil’s “King For A Day” and @falloutboy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”.


“Got to play GH Live at Comic Con, and it honestly was actually kind of alright. I know a bunch of you think it’s trash and stuff and I totally understand, but this is coming from me: This game has a big enough learning curve with the 3×2 layout for it to be a decent, fun, and refreshing challenge for a GH Veteran such as I. No, I’m not being paid to say this, this is my honest opinion.”


Has this footage changed your opinion on the upcoming title? Or do you still need to see more about the game? Let us know!

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Guitar Hero Live reveals tracks from The Vines, Disturbed, and Paramore

Hello and welcome to another #TrackListTuesday! It’s been awhile since E3, and since then we’ve learned a bit more about Guitar Hero Live in regards to Hero Powers but now it’s time for MOAR SONGS.

Source (Go Nintendo)

There is definitely a bit of variety there! Which songs do you think will end up on the main setlist or GHTV? Let us know!

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Guitar Hero Live E3 News

Lot’s of info to come today!

First up we have @Dtoid (

The release date of October 20th, 2015 has been confirmed!

Guitar Hero Live will further market to a new casual market by completely removing failing a song

In Guitar Hero Live, players that perform poorly can still finish the song. The folks working on the game felt that failing players resulted them in losing interest, so botching songs will only affect your overall score. This gives players the chance to save their performance should they struggle in some spots. Moreover, if players want to take a break during the song, all they’ll have to do is stop playing and the song will revert to an attract mode. It’s neat, and I feel GHL will be much more welcoming to newcomers.

Very cool. Definitely a nod to Party Play from previous Guitar Hero titles.

Also, the thing some of you have been dreading, the monetization aspect of GHTV has been revealed as well.

In the two central modes, Live and TV, the game goes about building the rocker experience in different ways; one from the side of media, and the other from in the shoes of a guitar player during a concert. The TV mode will definitely be where most of the action happens. Think of it as the online, multiplayer, and career modes all rolled into one. When in TV mode, you can engage in daily and premium challenges that task you with tackling certain songs to acquire in-game currency and play tokens. Much like cable or satelite television, the TV mode is essentially mix of on-demand and scheduled content.

With multiple channels, you’ll be able to view the current schedule of upcoming songs that are available to play. If there’s one you like, you can jump right in and play. In real time, each ‘program’ plays a certain genre of music or focuses on a particular band, and is set for half an hour. If there’s nothing on the channel’s schedule that you like, just switch over to another and check to see what’s on. I was impressed with the presentation, and it felt like was tuned to a parallel universe where MTV didn’t focus on reality TV and kept with the music. It even made some of the programs feel like events, as you can plan ahead and bring friends over at certain time to rock out.

If the channels aren’t doing it for you, then you can switch over to the on-demand menu and choose the available songs to add to you playlist and experience at your leisure. Like the previous titles, the base game will come packed with existing songs, and more will be added later. However, the on-demand takes a slightly different approach. While you can play whatever song is present in the menu, they require play tokens for you to add to your playlist. Play tokens are acquired from just playing normally, and you’ll accumulate them often. However, if you run out of play tokens, you’re unable to play songs on the playlist. If you want to avoid using the tokens — using them won’t technically give you the song — you can purchase the song outright and make a part of your permanent collection.

So basically, you get tokens to add On Demand songs by… Playing Guitar Hero? Is anyone going to be mad about that? Probably…

There’s more though (non-monetization related though)

…Thankfully, there are many features to keep players busy. The online mode is robust. Players can compete online against others in real time. During scheduled programs, players will be able to compete for the high score, with the current leader ranks being shown to the left of the screen.

There will be many top dogs online, so in order to compete you’ll have to make upgrades to your guitar. Using in-game credits acquired from daily challenges and tackling challenging songs, you can invest in a more sophisticated setup. Many of these upgrades range from score multipliers and other boosts to effectiveness. Thankfully, upgrades can only be purchased with in-game currency (which can only be acquired from in-game activity). With the currency, you can also purchase new highways and player cards for further customization.

Source: Destructoid

Studio Version of Breaking The Law?!

Great news, stay tuned for more E3 Updates as they roll in.

View post on

1:11 PM EST

Can you spot all the artists? Don’t worry we got you

2:15 PM

A lot of info in that video stuff about perks and leaderboards, and a full GHTV unlock for 12 hours. Probably should just wait for the write up.

Update: Polygon’s @SamitSarkar explains

Like many free-to-play games, Guitar Hero Live includes two different currencies: one that you earn as you play the game, and another that you can purchase with real money. (The former was called “Coins” and the latter was called “HC” in our demo, although Activision stressed that it hasn’t yet finalized the names of the currencies or the conversion rate from dollars to in-game money.)

You get Coins for doing just about anything in Guitar Hero Live, including signing into the game. The more you play, the more you level up your profile in the game, known as Status. As you reach new Status levels, you unlock content such as player cards (profile banners à la emblems in Destiny) and unique note highways (the best was a rainbow-colored one with pandas). Sometimes you’ll earn those items by playing; other times you can spend Coins on them. Guitar Hero Live also lets you modify your in-game guitar to improve your game. You can buy those mods with Coins to do things like increase your score per note or raise your streak multiplier more quickly.

You may have noticed that we haven’t been referring to additional post-launch tracks as “DLC songs.” That’s because they’re technically not downloads at all — unlike in the Rock Band franchise or the previous Guitar Hero titles, all the extra tracks in Guitar Hero Live exist in the cloud.

There are three ways to play those new songs. First, you can wait for them to come up in a GHTV show; think back to the ’90s, when you hoped MTV would air the music video for your favorite song. You can also spend Coins for a single play, like putting a dollar into a jukebox to spin up a track.

And if you really love a song, you can pay — with real money, in the form of HC — to have it permanently added to your catalog for on-demand access. DLC songs went for $2 a pop in the previous games, and Jackson said pricing here will be “within that same ballpark.”

The advantage of this system is that extra songs won’t take up space on your hard drive. Instead, the data is streamed to your system, and during our demo, there was no perceptible delay in this process versus loading up a track that ships with the game. Of course, the drawback is that you must be online to access these songs. So even if you’ve spent, say, $50 on 25 post-launch tracks, you won’t be able to play them if your console isn’t connected to the internet. Only the songs that ship with the game can be played offline.

Activision demonstrated an example of the special items that will be available: live concert footage for a particular track. Another instance of an exclusive might be an artist debuting a new song exclusively in Guitar Hero Live.

This content will be available in GHTV’s “Premium Shows.” These are limited-time challenges, and you’ll need to complete different prerequisites for each one in order to enter. Potential tasks shown during our demo included achieving a three-star rating on a song. If you don’t feel like fulfilling those requirements, you can buy your way into a Premium Show with HC.

Completing a Premium Show may also award special content like player cards. But the term “challenge” does apply: You won’t be able to change the difficulty in a Premium Show once you begin, so if you fail to meet the goal, you’ll have to re-enter by paying with HC again or satisfying a new set of requirements. Either way, you’ll get bonuses like earning Status at an increased rate while playing Premium Shows.

For parties and other situations, Activision will offer limited-time all-access passes. So if you want to bring a bunch of friends over and have on-demand access to every song available for Guitar Hero Live, you can pay for it.

6:05 PM EST

Freestyle Games creative director Jamie Jackson is showing me Guitar Hero Live‘s ambitious Guitar Hero TV mode, in which scores of frequently added music is curated for you based on your song preferences throughout the rest of the game. He’s demoing a Premium Show – in this case, a three-song live concert set from an actual Pantera concert – riffing along to show off the note highway in the series reboot,

Source: IGN

Stay tuned for more!

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Gamespot Reveals Veteran Footage of Guitar Hero Live

Finally! We get to see what Veteran mode (Expert) in Guitar Hero Live looks like!

Shown here in the 1:36 video clip is footage of Gold on The Ceiling, When You Were Young, and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up).

Lot’s to process here such as open notes, hammer-on indications, three note chords, and more!

Does it look like a new challenge? Can’t wait till we see footage of some of the more metal songs of the setlist!

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Guitar Hero reveals tracks from Wolfmother, Weezer, and Bullet For My Valentine

It’s #TrackListTuesday again, and @GuitarHero and @Gamespot have confirmed ten more songs that you’ll be rocking out to this October in Guitar Hero Live!

Nothing too impressive here, although it is worth mentioning that Guitar Hero hasn’t had a song from @bfmvofficial since Guitar Hero World Tour’s Scream Aim Fire

Is the Guitar Hero Live setlist starting to look more appealing? Let us know!

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