New Guitar Hero to be announced this week?


You may have been watching on twitter when posted an article pretty much stating that we will find out about Activision’s next installment in the Guitar Hero franchise on April 1st, 2015.

Great date to reveal it right?


Activision seems to be ready to present a new Guitar Hero prior to E3 (plenty of rumours of a reboot have been circulating). At least this is what is being suggested by an invitation that was sent out by Activision to media representatives in Germany. The mail states that an event is scheduled for April 1st 2015 taking place in “Hamburg Rock City”. Among other things, the publisher would be happy if the journos would “rock the shack with us!” – a pretty clear indication that this is to do with a new music game and given the rumours of a new Guitar Hero…

the article was promptly deleted (Activision Ninjas obviously)

Of course we’ve known for awhile there would be a new Guitar Hero but it seems like we are getting closer than ever. Especially with our friends over at @RockBandAide freaking out about the recent announcement for Rock Band 4, it seems like it’s time to hoist those plastic guitars once more!

So keep your eyes peeled for the next few days, we may finally get that announcement we’ve been waiting for.



Update 4/1/2015: 

There’s no official word from Activision yet that this is a Guitar Hero-related event, but the SoundDial festival and interactive music videos for that event have appeared on various casting websites. One dancer lists a “SoundDial interactive music video shoot” on her résumé, saying the job was related to “Guitar Hero for PS4.” Another actor lists an “interactive music video game” gig for a company called SoundDial. A handful of actors on Casting Call Pro list work for a Guitar Hero project filmed in 2014 for London-based Pulse Films.

Great work @Polygon


Update 4/13/2015:

It’s about to get real™

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  2. Hollis Pierman says:

    If this is happening, I will happily give up tickets to see Kamelot to play Guitar Hero. At least put them in this one, as well as Scar Symmetry (if it’s actually happening, of course).

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