Dave Mustaine plays “Sudden Death” ON A PLASTIC GUITAR

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Brian Marvin, and Randy Guilotte (Neversoft) shred the plastar together

When I was invited to the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock event in San Francisco I was of course incredibly excited.

Nothing could have prepared me though when an Activision Representative calmly walked over to us while playing on stage and said:

“So… I’ve been told Dave Mustaine is coming tonight and we want you guys to play Sudden Death for him”


Of course the first thing we did is scrolled directly to Sudden Death to practice (myself being on vocals).

Many songs (and drinks) later I was walking around and spotted Dave Mustaine in the crowd and decided to go up and say “Hi”. I shook his hand and told him “I’m going to try to sing your song later” he found that funny.

The best part about all this was @shsocrstopr @frankiebsh and @RA_elx were in the midst of playing @Megadeth’s “Holy Wars”. I saw him lean over and say something to @socrstopr which I later found out was:

“Hey… I know this song”

MegaDave was also spotted playing Goldeneye (Photo Credit: Linders82 on Twitter)

Later on we were informed (unfortunately) that Dave wanted to play the song for himself (and leave the Scorehero kids to watch from the sidelines). @evybabee thought she was going to get to play because she was a girl but that was simply not the case

Before Dave took the stage though he had to quickly learn how to play Guitar Hero. I decided to observe this and was impressed when Dave went into party play and scrolled directly to expert (BAMF). He then proceeded to stare blankly at the screen while the guitar chart for Silversun Pickup’s “There’s No Secrets This Year” scrolled by. Perhaps MegaDave was trying to play the game with his mind?

Dave Mustaine learning the ropes of Plastic Guitar alongside Randy Guillote and Brian Marvin (Neversoft)

Finally Dave took the stage playing Sudden Death on Medium! His second third time playing Guitar Hero EVER! It was truly a sight to behold. Afterwards I came very close to getting a quick interview but he was very hungry and had to leave before he killed everyone in the building.

Enjoy the video and try to show it to as many people as you can!

Let’s get this on Blabbermouth!


Tsk tsk Dave Mustaine. YOU’VE DONE THIS BEFORE!


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6 Responses to Dave Mustaine plays “Sudden Death” ON A PLASTIC GUITAR

  1. socrstopr says:

    The man’s hair feels like a thousand angles floating around his head and is softer than the fluffiest pillows out there. I mean, uh, it was awesome to meet him!

  2. rocker4life634 says:

    wow! xD you could see Dave trying not to smile, I’ve always wanted to see a celebrity play their own songs on GH/RB, I think more should.. Anyways it’s nice to see Dave so awesome and open-minded, I always thought he was a dick xD

  3. megaluisdeth says:

    I’ve seen Scott Ian play Madhouse on Guitar Hero he was at Best Buy. Dave is playing the real guitar notes but he’s playing on easy so he misses some.

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