November 2011 Community Night Recap

It may be hard to believe, but we’re already through our third #GHComm Guitar Hero community night. Just as a recap, all you had to do in order to be entered to win the prizes listed below was to play online during the given times, and tweet #GHComm during the event!

While we didn’t have as huge of a turnout this week as we had last month, that’s to be expected due to the fact that Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim came out the week of the community nights. With such beloved, time-consuming games as these coming out so close to #GHComm, we’re very proud to have been able to host such a successful three-night event!

Our global presence remains strong, with a lot of Canadians, South Americans, and Europeans playing with the always-strong American player-base. Also, we’re getting reports that the frequency of songs that many players get annoyed by (such as “Fury of the Storm”) is dropping; a sign that like-minded players are playing more and more!

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for this #GHComm, we’ll be hosting our next one in early December!

Guitar Hero November 2011 Community Night #GHComm Winners

Xbox 360 (DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle)



PlayStation 3 (DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle)



Wii (Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Bundle)


If you see your Twitter name listed above, reply to @TheHeroFeed and let us know that you won! If you don’t see your name listed above, fear not, we still have plenty of goodies to give away next #GHComm!

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10 Responses to November 2011 Community Night Recap

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  2. FingerQuick says:

    yeeah BOD

  3. Leonardo Storti says:

    Ohhhhhhh I see what is going on here……. YESSSS why didn’t I think of that before, The Hero Feed is under Activision now, and I was always wondering to myself why they are posting news about Rocksmith when it clearly has nothing to do with Activision, and now it makes it all clear….

    Activision is buying out Ubisoft or rather Rocksmith that has to be it… come on that has to be it

    • Brian says:

      Activision is simply providing us prizes for the joint community nights. TheHeroFeed and Activision remain entirely separate entities. Don’t read too much into our coverage of RockSmith. We’re covering it to keep the site fresh until Guitar Hero returns.

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        I’m confused, so Activision supports you but you’re not under Activision?

        Well regardless, I wouldn’t be surprised if Activision does buy out Rocksmith that would actually be a good idea….the next Guitar Hero would probably be called, Rock Hero? LOL I’m terrible with names, but who knows I mean, I did witness Activision buy Blizzard, and Blizzard is a huuuuuuuge company, In my oppinion Activision or rather Activision Blizzard is probably one of the most wealthiest companies out there…..

        I mean it’s a possibility right?

        • Brian says:

          THF is completely independent of Activision. They are not a part of us and we are not a part of them in any way. They only way we are affiliated is we asked them if they would provide prizes for the community nights and they said “yes.”

  4. Leonardo Storti says:

    Granted cool…

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