Official Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights!

When Guitar Hero was put on indefinite hiatus, we here at The Hero Feed had a decision to make. Do we put the site on indefinite hiatus as well, or do we continue strong with the community. While we knew the lack of news would make it difficult to manage a Guitar Hero-based site, we’ve been a part of this community for several years now, and we know the strength and devotion that exists in this tight-knit group.

With that very idea in mind, we decided to keep the site as active as we could for the Guitar Hero community. While the numbers have dwindled slightly due to the lack of news, we’ve continued to be impressed with the people that keep up with the series and still play on a consistent basis. With that in mind, I am proud to announce that we will be continuing that notion of “community” through a new monthly Community Night.

Not only that, but we’re taking the old saying of “go big or go home” to heart. We’re partnering with Activision to make these community nights epic in scale. Just for participating, you could land yourself some sweet Guitar Hero swag, including games straight from Activision! Not just that, but you’ll have the chance to rock out with the staff of The Hero Feed, as well as some members of the Guitar Hero Community Team.

So how does one participate in such an event, and what console are we planning on doing this for? Well here’s the good news: we’re doing it for all three of the major consoles each month! All you have to do is invite the listed usernames on PSN and Xbox 360, and the listed Friend Code for the Wii and we’ll see you on stage!

September 2011 Hero Community Night

Game: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Xbox 360 – Friday, September 9th at 8pm EST – Gamertag: BShea
Playstation 3 – Saturday, September 10th at 8pm EST – PSN: BShea09
Nintendo Wii – Sunday, September 11th at 8pm EST – Wii FC: To Be Announced

Leave your online ID/console in the comments if you want others to send you invites to during the event!

UPDATE: If you want to play other games than the one listed, leave your gamertag/ID and what game you’d like to play and other people can add you as well! The listed game is just the one that will be played by the representatives of TheHeroFeed and/or Activision!


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93 Responses to Official Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights!

  1. Brandon says:


  2. Jason says:

    Great news! I will participate when I can.

  3. PikminGuts92 says:

    You guys can add me on the Xbox 360 if you want, GT: “PikminGuts92”.

    I have 403 songs in GH:WOR, which includes ALL of the available game imports.

  4. Kitlerc says:

    My XBox GT is “Kitlerc”

    ‘fraid I don’t have much DLC, but I do have all the exports.

  5. James Ekeocha says:

    I’m an extremely active PS3 player and I am so taking part! My PSN is Lucretio72

  6. ThatHornyWalrus says:

    'ThatHornyWalrus' xD

  7. irq says:

    Definitely I will be participating in this

    my PSNid: irq666

    GH: Metallica
    GH: WT
    GH: WoR
    Band Hero

  8. How can I get my Wii Console code to participate??? Thanks for your help!

  9. Brandon Gilliam says:

    GT is gillticket 07

  10. James Ekeocha says:

    PSN DerPetrucci wants to enter too 😀 I’m doin a favour he asked

  11. ketiun says:

    Psn: ketiun

    Will be there!

  12. Carlos says:

    My PSN:naruto_ramos

    See you in PS3 (:

  13. Rob Ayton says:

    My PSN robbie8n also known as RobGHH

  14. SMOKEYBLUZZ says:

    ALL DLC for all Xbox Rhythm games. SMOKEYBLUZZ is in Da House!

  15. Daniel Ellern says:

    I will be on my PS3, PSN User ID is: DEllern

    I have every Guitar Hero Game for PS3 except for Aerosmith and Band Hero. I play Guitar on Xpert and welcome anybody who wishes to link up. I have all the imports for the games that I own, and also have a nice chunk of DLC

  16. Bryan2Blazed says:

    Count me in. Bryan2Blazed on xbox live. Expert vocalist. 354 total songs in GH WOR. All imports.

  17. Jay says:

    What about DJ Hero….

  18. Add me on Xbox if you so desire: NightmareSnake7

  19. Kingsy says:

    GT: Kingsy

    I’ve asked for the day off way in advance & got all of the DLC ready to go! GUUUUUIIITAR HERO!!! \m/(-_-)\m/

  20. twizzler says:


  21. DeAtH434 says:

    GT: DeAtH434

    This sounds fun. Haven’t played in awhile so I could possibly be on at that time. I can only get on guitar tho.

  22. Schriso says:

    gamertag: Schrisofreine TTFAF 720k, Fury of the Storm 650k expert guitar, play with all instruments on expert (+)

  23. GreatAnubis says:

    Gr8! Sounds fun

    Currenly got:
    GH: WOR
    GH: Metallica
    GH: World Tour
    GH: Legends Of Rock
    GH: 5
    Band Hero
    Rock Band 3

    PSN id: GreatAnubis


  24. Add Me On Wii

    User: Varieties of them

  25. Leonardo Storti says:

    I really really really wish I can play with the people from TheHeroFeed, but I have an xbox360 console and I can’t play online because I don’t have Gold I only have Silver, unlike PS3 and Wii since those are free to play online…so I can’t play online with you guys and I really want to…..I have 475 songs I want to share with people that is if many of you guys have that many songs…

    oh well, I would like to get some stuff from Acti so where do I sign up for that?

  26. Leonardo Storti says:

    my gamertag is pretty easy to find tho….if you want to message that’s cool but hopefully I can still participate by just getting my Gamertag in there….here is my Xbox 360 gamertag: Medicinal Virus….or find my e-mail:….yes I know what you are thinking but it actually is my e-mail….

    hopefully I can still volunteer even tho I can’t exactly play online with you guys, stupid microsoft pay to play….screw you Microshit

  27. Siavash Nezhad says:

    GT – siavash1996
    I have all the games and all the imports. I also have about 200 DLC on GH and 300 DLC on RB3
    Looking forward to protesting this Guitar Hero drought

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  29. Kyle Polansky says:

    This seems really neat. My Mom’s birthday is on the 9th, and I have a cross country race the next day, but I’ll try to play for an hour or so if I have time.

  30. Michael M says:

    I am xGHx McCloud017 on XBL. I have DLC but don’t really care I am looking for GOOD players to destroy some songs, GH6 FGFC… sike, lol but I’m pretty good. I don’t dig the WT,SH engine, I’m cool with gh3 and gh6. No rb2-3 though, don’t dig it at all.

  31. Blake M. says:

    GT – BBladem83


    This should be fun (:

  32. MadMike91X says:

    This should be fun. PSN: MadMike91X

  33. David says:

    My Psn is b-mo182! I play on expert on guitar so add me up! I have Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock and The Blink 182 sound track downloaded.

  34. richy says:

    Hi!!! My PSN ID is richyleon
    I have GH3, GH World Tour, GH Metallica, GH5 and GH Warriors of Rock
    I play in expert and I finished all GH that I have
    Please add me

  35. Andy says:

    MY gamer tag is ILoveGuitarHero because Guitar Hero is so super awesome <3<3<3

  36. UD says:

    Game Online plesss……

  37. Mike says:

    THis seems interesting: PSN is amak111

    480 songs according to my game and still collecting, all imports except Metallica.

  38. Kaito says:

    I hope there are some good expert DJ Hero players that aren’t rage quitters that attend this…

    PSN: KaitoDvlCharles

  39. Michael says:

    Xbox Gamertag- zepplin713
    Will be able to play GH3, world tour, Metallica, 5 and warriors of rock! Best of luck everyone!

  40. Craig says:

    I’ll be happy to join in. Gamer tag is LolMunnchy. I have a total of 408 songs, which include all the imports. I will say, I’m in the uk, so I’m about 5 hours ahead of you guys at least… I’ll do my best 😛

  41. Billy says:

    Xbox GT: Mister DEWSH. mostly on DJ HERO 1 and 2 but i can play all other instruments too on GH, i have warriors of rock and GH 5

  42. Billhurwitz says:

    all gh games psn id


  43. mini76 says:

    Please count me in.
    lets hook up.

    PSN. miniw76
    XBL. miniw76
    Wii code 4413-0185-4583-9848

  44. frank73300 says:

    count me in psn id is frank73300

  45. EvasivePompano says:

    hello im not a pro but i have 400 songs in my libray

    mi gt:EvasivePompano (:

  46. Natontalas says:

    First of all I’m so glad that you’ve decided to keep this site and the whole GH thing going, and I really appreciate it, so I’d like to say REALLY BIG THANK YOU! Brian, Elliott, Frankie – you are the best! And those Rocksmith-related news were really helpful.
    As for the Comunity Night, I’d love to participate but, sadly, 8pm EST=4am for me.

  47. Jake says:

    Im totally in and anyone can add me if you want

    Gamertag : folds2008

    Have WT, Metallica, WOR, Smash, Van Halen

    Plays expert on all instruments except drums and bass

  48. uHyPoCriTe says:

    can’t wait!

    Xbox: uHyPoCrite
    PSN: uHyPoCriTe2

  49. FoXR says:

    Wii FC: 0977 1175 5562 9867 for GH WoR
    I also have Rock Band 3

  50. LEG0S says:

    Xbox: LEG0S (zero)

    I own all guitar hero games, except for smash hits and 2, so hit up my gamertag, and i will try to play with some people 🙂

  51. Squall says:

    oh oh, I wanna be in!

    Add me on PSN ID: Squallan

  52. Zack says:

    Xbox Gamertag: JustZackster
    I’m on alot though. I’m pretty good. Almost FGFC GH3. I play all of the guitar heroes and Band Hero. Looking for good expert players, no quitters though. Maybe get some easy FCs on video (Like Stricken, Knights of Cydonia, Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, etc.)

  53. allhopeslsot123 xbox im in =D

  54. Tomas Hernandez says:

    my gamertag is MEXICAN MAN 321 add it im a big fan of guitar hero i will be on every friday

  55. Jason says:

    cyanideskull on xbox 360 i have bunch of dlc songs and smash hits import

  56. Aaron says:

    my PSNID for the PS3: ninikee456 ADD AWAY

  57. Omar Rivas says:

    xbox: CH1CKEN FL1PPEN

  58. Gaby says:

    PSN: Gabypotter
    GT: KazekageGaby
    Wii: ???

  59. Zamora97 says:

    addme at PSN: Zamora_97

    games: Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero WoR

    PD: I’m spanish

  60. Ariel says:

    Invite me anyone on the ps3
    mine is arielgerra27

  61. Darienwasmyname says:

    IM going to be on Warrior’s of rock Metallica Exports get at me 😀 Gamertag Darienwasmyname

  62. Brandon says:

    Can’t wait for this! Find me on Xbox: branman614

  63. Oscar Abarca says:

    i’ll be Playing on playstation 3 😉

    My PS3 ID: Kyonkona

    GH Smash hits
    Gh metallica
    Gh 5
    gh Warriors of rock!

    Drums/Guitar/Vocals 😉 Even a DJ turntable!

  64. Spencer says:

    Definitely will be down for this. GT: NAPALM ECHO

    Warriors of Rock is all I have. But I have played all the others.

  65. Paul Montgomery says:

    Xbox Gamertag Tatti Bojangles

  66. David says:

    Sounds quite interesting. Count me in. Don’t have much DLC but still will like to play for some fun.

    Can play
    Expert: Guitar, Bass
    Hard: Drums
    Beginner: Vocals ha!

    Xbox GT: Snabes

  67. greenaliengh says:

    Hi guys.
    I’ll be online jamming on #GHWOR
    PSN: greenalienpics

  68. Lili says:

    Xbox Gamertag : PMS lilirock

    I play expert guitar 🙂

    I’ll try to be online as soon as possible after 8pm EST.. hopefully my baby girl will sleep well!

  69. Grant says:

    Alright! I’ll be on Saturday!
    PSN: Gsword_007

    Vocals/Easy-Expert (Depends on the song…)

    Hope to see some action tomorrow!

  70. Marley says:

    Add me on ps3 CCFC-xSTeALTh-_- expert guitar drums and base:)

  71. Bradley says:

    Gamertag: CainAshenrov25

    will be playing Warriors of Rock…………Rock On!!!

  72. Kevin Neill says:

    Message me on the PS3 when this will be happening cuz i wanna join. my gamertag is FATNINJA94.
    games i got:
    GH Metallica
    GH WOR

  73. ps3 Johnny_Popular WoR over 500 song setlist
    xbox360 Johnny Popular WoR 135 song setlist

  74. Brandon says:

    Grr, trying to go on but it says that Brian’s friend list is full! Are there any backup plans, or did I just miss out 🙁

    Xbox – branman614

  75. expertwinSH says:

    I’ll use my mom’s account, “RebelOnPaper,” since she has a Xbox Live 1 month trial. I play all GH games but GHVH.

  76. Hondo says:

    Hondommond PSN I got a 900 game win streak in GHWOR =3 Ill accept challenges! Expert only

  77. Hondo says:

    Hondommond-PSN I have a 900 game win streak in GHWOR =3 Will accept challenges! Expert only

  78. FingerQuick says:

    I’ll be doing this for wii I guess, hope to see alot more people on the 11th, because normally it’s a ghost town 😛

    have all the GH games except for aerosmith

  79. James says:

    PSN: topkiller666 and im looking for some challengers (EXPERT GUITAR)

  80. Cactaur says:

    My PSN is CactaurMan36. Won’t be able to play for awhile though, couldn’t bring the system to college.

  81. Robbie Ayton says:

    Can anyone tell me how to invite a non-friend to a game?

  82. SteveMightSay says:

    PSN: WrightYagami

  83. Sr_Furtado says:

    Psn: Srfurtado

    Enjoy the night buddies 😉

  84. Brandon says:

    Umm I would like some people to do some pro faceoffs and some band stuff with especially because I’m lacking some of those acheivements

    XBL: Epic Phael

    I have GH3, Aero, WT, 5, and WoR

    not a lot of dlc but i can have fun with on disc stuff, I also have no imports so sorry in advance

  85. Matt Hardy says:


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