Toys ‘R’ Us Discounts Band Bundles to $30, Guitar and Turntable Bundles to $10

According to this coming week’s Toys ‘R’ Us ad, the toy store chain will be discounting the DJ Hero turntable bundles, as well as any Guitar Hero guitar bundle, to $10. While that deal is pretty sweet, the company will be topping that when they e-mail out a notification that all full-band bundles will be dropped down to $30 for the week.

The best part about this deal? This $10 sale not only includes DJ Hero 1 and 2 bundles, but also the Renegade Edition of DJ Hero 1, and the Party Pack of DJ Hero 2. Plus, any Guitar Hero bundles you find should be $10 for the guitar bundle or $30 for the full band bundles. We’re assuming the sale also extends to any remaining Rock Band and Rock Revolution full-band bundles too.

There’s no indication if this includes the Power Gig bundle, but why would we care if Seven45 Studio doesn’t even acknowledge that game’s existence (click the “games” link).

The sale is set to start on August 14th and end on August 20th. Let’s just hope they don’t go back on their sale like they did last time.


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17 Responses to Toys ‘R’ Us Discounts Band Bundles to $30, Guitar and Turntable Bundles to $10

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  2. Leonardo Storti says:

    it’s too bad I have everything I need, otherwise I would have gone for it. I don’t like DJ music but the gameplay is awesome, I guess I could go for that…but it would be hard to enjoy a game that has music you don’t like that’s why guitar hero rules, I love rock music and being able to play along with it is even better…I could go for another drumset 😀

  3. Cam says:

    Does this include online buys?

    • Joey says:

      I was wondering the same thing, looks like they only sell a small percentage of those games online, so it would be better to just go to the store.

  4. Antonio says:

    Already snagged up Guitar Hero 5 and DJ Hero 2 with two turntables bundle a few weeks ago when they released that coupon. Got something to keep me occupied until BF3 and MW3 come out….

  5. BravoGangUS says:

    Toys R Us was completely sold out of all bundles, people probably bought them all yesterday.
    However I went to Best Buy with the ad printed from Toys R Us’ website and they price matched the Guitar Bundle for me. 😀

    Doubt they would price match the bundle though seeing as the bundle isn’t advertised in the Ad (though I havent tried it)

  6. Kevin says:

    The toys r us near me is sold out, as well as the Best Buy who price matches. FML, I really wanted DJ Hero for cheap

  7. I got two Warriors of Rock bundles today from the Owings Mills, MD TRU for 360 (one to open and one to keep in storage for if my parts go bad). They had a few GH5 PS3 guitar bundles, plenty of Band Hero bundles, and a few DJ Hero bundles as well. I love opening full band bundles…there is just something so great about ripping into video games like you’re 10 again 🙂

  8. Imdaboss says:

    Went and picked up a WoR full bundle…was just hoping for the guitar/game but it was sold out.

  9. Brandon says:

    Hey can you forward me the email? That’d be great:) thanks!

  10. Pascal says:

    Does this apply to Holland as well? Sure do hope so ^^

  11. Jennifer says:

    I went an had them check the price of the Band Hero bundle for me today and they told me it was $129. 🙁 Was there some special coupon/email sent out to get the $30 price? My kiddos really want this and I would love to be able to get it for them for Christmas! Thanks in advance!!

    • Leonardo Storti says:

      it’s really a matter of luck, some stores don’t use the promotion. You have to be looking around for it, try different Toy’s R Us stores, some don’t have that promtion and I guess you were unfortunate at that.

  12. todd lehman says:

    i went to best buy to have them price match these bundles for me, but they had to call toys r us to check whether or not it was in stock there. it wasn’t in stock at ANY toys r us locations in my area so best buy refused to price match for me. i went to wal-mart with the toys r us ad & they price matched 2 g.h. bundles & 1 dj hero bundle without question. $210 worth of bundles for $30!!!!!! SUCK IT, BEST BUY!!!!!!!

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