FreeStyleGames to Remain Open

After the grim news that the DJ Hero and Guitar Hero franchises were being put on hiatus and their business units disbanded, we were all but sure that FreeStyleGames, the developer of DJ Hero, would be among the causalities. Luckily, news has come today that they will not be shut down by Activision.

According to a statement from FreeStyleGames creative director, Jamie Jackson, the studio is looking forward to continuing their “strong partnership with Activision, with work starting on a new, innovative project.”

No details currently exist or were provided on what that project might just be, but at this point we aren’t expecting that to be a new DJ Hero title. Jackson was quick to thank FreeStyleGames’ supporters that have stuck behind them in these recent months following the announcement of the Hero hiatus. “We’d like to thank the team, our fans, the media and the video game industry at large for their support during this period,” said Jackson.

While the team will be shrinking (by about 35 members to be precise), the studio is just happy to be alive at this point. “Although we will be really sorry to lose members of the FreeStyleGames family, we have no doubt that their talents will be in high demand throughout the industry,” Jackson said. “We are consulting with the studio to offer tools and resources including outplacement counseling services and career fairs […] to those employees affected.”

FreeStyleGames was founded in 2002 by former members of Codemasters and Rare. Based in Warwickshire, UK, it currently has around 100 employees.

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8 Responses to FreeStyleGames to Remain Open

  1. maxninja114 says:

    SO glad to hear this news, the new project may not be DJ Hero 3, but hell at least hearing that FSG is still alive gives hope that sooner or later they may start on the next version of DJ Hero. ^__^

  2. NMC2008 says:

    Come on Activision!Let em’ make us another DJ Hero! COME OOOOOOON MAN!!!

  3. JL says:

    Maybe FreeStyle might want to go the route that Harmonix has gone, since MTV games/EA don’t seem to be too keen on keeping the Rock Band series going – the possible saviour – Microsoft… Microsoft has been using Harmonix more and more and maybe Red Octane/FreeStyle might find a home under Microsoft as well, keeping both Hero and RB series going..

    • KEWB says:

      You’re kind of way behind on the Harmonix issue. They’ve gone independent now and are doing great. Judging be the article, Activision is fine with holding onto FSG right now. That along with the “new, innovative project” bit has really got me curious as to what they’ve got planned.

  4. sm0k3y dr3 says:

    Great news i hope its dj hero 3 🙂

  5. Cick says:

    We need a new Amplitude-esque game. Just saying.

  6. Leonardo Storti says:

    No disrespect to the DJ Hero fans, but I could care less for DJ Hero. I want Guitar Hero, bring it back. Guitar Hero should have gone independant as well and maybe it might still be here today

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