Guitar Hero Announcement at E3 or PAX Prime?

We know the news has been a little slow since the announcement that Guitar Hero and DJ Hero would be on hiatus until further notice, but according to a cryptic response to a tweet sent by yours truly, we may have more news coming soon. My tweet, which was simply making a point that more Guitar Hero news would make operating this site much easier apparently caught the attention of the new social media guru for the franchise.

The response specifically mentions the return of PSN meaning the ability to purchase DLC will be returning soon, but that’s not the part that caught our eye. The rest of the tweet seems to hint at some news that might be coming our way sooner than we expected.

According to the tweet, which again, addressed my comment that I wanted more news on Guitar Hero, states that “E3 is coming up” and that “PAX Prime is in [August].” If that wasn’t enough for you, the tweet ends with “2012 is six months away,” referencing the notion that the Hero franchise may return in 2012. Again, this isn’t an official announcement, but it certainly seems to hint at something, doesn’t it?

E3 rolls around June 7th in Los Angeles, and PAX Prime occurs in Seattle in August. Check out the tweet below and let us know if you think we may be seeing some news soon.

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18 Responses to Guitar Hero Announcement at E3 or PAX Prime?

  1. expertwinSH says:

    Backwards ext sustains! Oh wait, lefty flip. 😛

    Either way, I’m exited.

  2. theKingsy says:

    @ExpertwinSH Backward Extended Sustains were in GHOT:MH and Band Hero DS so it’s not out of the question. Only thing I want is Expert+ Guitar/Bass/Vox.

  3. Jake says:

    Just any kind of news makes my day!

  4. Leonardo Storti says:

    This iiiis good news, I’ve said it before, Guitar Hero is too much of a strong brand to simply just let go, they may be planning something big to counter RB3. Though I’ve learned not to take things too seriously, but this kind of news does give out a glimmer of hope for the franchise. I still play GHWOR to this day, the game is just great. I think all they did was closing down the studios that worked with GH, but they didn’t leave the game to rest, my oppinion is they are probably trying to hire different people for the franchise to see if they can give it a new look or new gameplay, or just go back to DLC hopefully, that’s good enough for me…

    who knows what the next GH might be, it could be even more epic than GHWOR. It could include more intruments, or maybe a waaaay bigger setlist than GHWOR, it also could be that they are probably trying to make a band specific GH, if that’s the case I’m hoping for either of these bands: Dream Theater, RUSH, Led Zeppelin (that would be godly), Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambria…I know others but I keep forgetting them. But I want the guys at Activision to take their time and rethink a whole new look and gameplay to the franchise, otherwise it would just be another GH with a different setlist. We need something new fresh, reinvent the instrument peripherals we already have. Do something different and really focus, I know this is too much to ask but DLC is still a must Activision, alot of us get tired playing the same songs over and over giving us new music to download helps keep our current game fresh and unboring. I only hope that the next GH whenever it may be, will be just as epic as GHWOR if not more so…

    • EuroMIX2 says:

      I think that most of the basic gameplay is good, they just need to clean and rework some areas.

      I doubt that Led Zeppelin will ever happen unless the band changes their mind about rhythm games.

  5. pancho says:

    It could be more of a red herring too, though.

  6. ColmiYveul says:

    I’ve always thought the new guy behind the GH Twitter and Facebook was the one behind OneOfSwords… I guess I’ve been wrong.

  7. Edd says:

    Hm. It’s too soon for them to announce anything GH related. My guess would be the rumoured Dance Hero.

    • EuroMIX2 says:

      They need to make the “Hero” brand their equivalent to Konami’s “Bemani” franchises. Like lots of different rhythm type games under one umbrella name. Then we could have Guitar/Band, DJ and Dance Hero all together. I would honestly like that and I would be intrigued about how Activision would handle a dance game.

  8. non_zero says:

    “Plenty of Guitar Hero stuff is happening!”


    • EuroMIX2 says:

      He might not be if they really are planning to announce a new game for next year. Remember that representatives are hired to put a positive spin on things.

  9. leon x says:

    I have downloaded many songs that had not paid attention to them.

  10. Rab39 says:

    cool…but not a shocker

    I’d guess a vague announcement about GH coming back in 2012 will be made at e3, then at pax prime probably will have give a few details including the big question which is will they be competing with a pro guitar upgrade…and then the rest they’ll keep under wraps until Rocksmith comes out at the end of the year.

    • Leonardo Storti says:

      It’s most posible, they might be thinking of making their own version of pro guitar to compete with RB, I mean we can’t let RB take all the glory that’s unfair, I hate RB and I always will I don’t care how much DLC they got. But that would only mean more plastic or if not plastic, real instrument hardware to buy when if I may, speak for everyone, we all have our old plastic instruments still, so that would be like what another 100 dollars or so to spend? ugh…

      Well, I’ll still buy the game, I really just want to expand my setlist that’s all. But I don’t think many people will buy the pro set if their old plastic instruments still work you knnow. I still think the move Activision made firing all their studios and anyone who worked under the GH name was a really bad move, they could have taken a hiatus without having to fire them and maybe let them reinvent the game in a different way, things will be alot more difficult now since Activision fired all those people and now they have to find new studios and other people in order to work with GH again. Not only that since it’s going to be different programmaers and game designers, the game will also be different, it might make it worse or better than before, all we can do is wait on E3 and see “IF” they will announce a new guitar hero, emphasis on the word, “IF” people.

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