The Final DJ Hero 2 DLC – Ultra Mix Pack

Much like Guitar Hero the ride has come to an end for FreeStyleGame’s DJ Hero 2 as well.

This DLC is definitely going out with quite a bang as it features the heavily popular Electroswing ear-worm We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP, Sofi Needs A Ladder off Canadian Progressive house artist Deadmau5’s latest album 4×4=12, and finally Benny Benassi’s House Music which will be sure to get anyone around you to start fist pumping.

DJ Hero 2’s legacy ends with 43 compatible songs available and one of the most challenging on disc setlists yet. Now we have to ask: will the recent price drop for DJ Hero allow more people to discover the joy of plastic turntabling? Only time will tell.

“We No Speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP

“House Music” by Benny Benassi

“Sofi Needs A Ladder” by Deadmau5

640 MSP XBL Marketplace

The Ultra Mix Pack is available on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 640 Microsoft Points and on the PlayStation®Store for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system for $7.99.  All tracks are also available as downloadable singles for Wii™ for 300 Wii Points™ each.

Thanks to @elisoncrz for the videos \m/


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8 Responses to The Final DJ Hero 2 DLC – Ultra Mix Pack

  1. Rab39 says:

    I was hoping for some hip hop. I’m surprised there was very little rap released in the DJ Hero 2 DLC.

  2. Jake says:

    Pumped about more Deadmau5 though

  3. KEWB says:

    It’s a damn shame. This franchise had a ton of potential. At least the final pack is awesome.

  4. Nohbdy says:

    How does The Hero Feed know it’s the final pack?

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  6. Michael says:

    Too bad we didn’t get a DJ Hero 1 import, that’s just too damn fucking bad. >:(

  7. UnPfhorgiven says:

    @Rab — thank god there wasn’t more rap than there was 😉

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