The Hero DLC Continues!

We’re not sure if this is just to see what money can be made from already licensed and created tracks or simply due to the community support and demand, but DJ Hero and Guitar Hero have announced that they will be bringing more downloadable content soon.

It all went down on Twitter just a few moments ago. Guitar Hero and DJ Hero’s Twitter accounts both thanked the fans for their support and stated that DLC would be coming soon and to stay tuned.

We hit 3 MILLION Facebook fans! In thanks for your continued support, we’ll be releasing some new DLC. Details soon!

Thanks for being a member of our community. In recognition of your continued support, we’ve decided to release more DLC! Details soon!

No word on what the DLC will be yet, but the reveal was phrased as if there will be an official announcement ahead of time, which would be an awesome step in the right direction. After Activision announced the hiatus of the Hero franchises, the community cried out when it was also announced that DLC would be ceased, effective immediately. With news like this, maybe Activision heard the pleas and has decided to continue support.

UPDATE: Former employees have come forward stating that it is likely that Activision only intends to release DLC that was already completed before this decision was made. Stay tuned for more details.


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64 Responses to The Hero DLC Continues!

  1. Cicabe says:


    • Ryan says:

      I still think nobody will buy it.Nobody is buying it now. I can’t find people online with DLC.Guitar Hero needs to import all the songs from their past games from 1-5 on to one disc. I’m still waiting for Van Halen!!!

  2. Grant says:

    Yes. It’s probably going to be “Greed” by The Mercy House.

  3. xl aerosmash lx says:


  4. Cactaur says:

    YESSSSSSSSSS! And nice reference with Monty Python!

  5. DucksFAN says:

    I don’t care if you like the DLC coming out or not, everbody who lsiten up: BUY THIS DLC. Buy WOR. Buy whatever you have to. Maybe this is a test from Activision to see how everyone will react to more DLC. And if everyone buys sthis, they wil give us more.

  6. Rab says:

    I’m not sure I’m going to buy any GH DLC but I do plan on buying all DJ Hero cuts…

    Crossing my fingers for Chemical Bros.

  7. Jake says:

    Thank you for more DLC!!

  8. William says:

    Bet you guys can’t guess what I’ll be doing on a future Tuesday morning. ; ) datDeeElSea

  9. Ash says:

    Beginning to think this was all just one big publicity stunt.

  10. expertwinSH says:

    I hope it lasts a long time and not just one month.

    • Leoanrdo Storti says:

      yeah you actually make alot of snese btw….it could have been all a publicity stunt seriosuly now that I think about it, maybe they were thinking, lets see how much praise GH gets from the fans, lets announce that we will discntinue and stop anything that is GH related…

      in any case it might have worked, I think people are gonna buy alot more now

  11. Lord Mhoram says:

    I hope it is music I like – I’d love to be able to buy something and support for future DLC.
    But I am not buying music I don’t like.

  12. Leoanrdo Storti says:

    Oh thank god, thank god thank god thank god yes!!!…

    So dlc will be back? oh man, I could cry right now oh jesus, but these are tears of joy, so GH DLC will be back? thank god thank you so much

    DucksFAN is absolutely right, People this is the answer this is it they are testing us!…. we must support them we need alot of people to buy DLC, this will keep GH alive for a while longer at least, the more people buy DLC the more chances of GH being revived…spread the news everyone, this must go every where….talk to Dan from one of swords…search one of swrods through google…and reply to Dan, I’m sure this is great news for him

  13. Maztuhmind says:

    always nice. would like some more options for dj hero 2.

  14. Mike says:

    Well it’s only going to be DLC that they had charted and ready to go so after that is out that’s it. As you can see in the updated post they laid off all the note charters and mixers

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  16. Leoanrdo Storti says:

    (looks at updated post)

    God damn it….

  17. zomg bbq says:

    Activision : “all hero DLC stops now!”

    -bobby kotick learns that they have paid $300,000 for licensing on unreleased songs-

    Activision : “we are doing this for the fans, the community and most of all…. Our wallets”

    • Leonardo Storti says:

      fuck you Activision, you can certainly afford this and especially since you teamed up with blizzard now….god damn it man

  18. expertwinSH says:

    What? Just this week?

    Kotick only cares about CoD :(.

  19. zomg bbq says:

    Trust me Elliott, as a rock band fan I’m used to being hyped (mainly by forum users) to only be disappointed.

    This literally means maximum of 3 months dlc.

    What is interesting about the twitter statement is they are talking about songs they have only just charted.

    This is a far cry from harmonix, who seem to have a whole vault worth of songs ready for release or in the pipeline.

    • Elliott says:

      We don’t know the exact time frame of how long it takes Beenox to chart songs and when they started working on WoR DLC… There are lot’s of unknowns. Three months is certainly realistic but I am willing to hold some semblance of hope it might extend beyond that.

      • Rab says:

        I expect one track for Guitar Hero, the band that won the contest (although I wouldn’t be shocked if Harmonix ends up just selling more songs from older discs including stuff that is already transferable) and probably something comparable to the last DJ Hero 1 release or involving classical music. I doubt they had plans to sit on anything from a major label.

        But I hope I’m wrong.

        • Rab says:

          oops activision not harmonix

        • Dave GH says:

          Yes!!! Thay better put that band on!!! They are calld *The Mercy House* and they DO indeed rock! Makes a change these days to see a young new band that look very promising. They are doing a good job at filling in the rock void that has been for so long! theres not many bands out there like these guys! They are a bit special! GH must out them on! They did win the contest!

  20. Oddbrother says:

    Glad to hear that there’ll still be some potential left for the Hero games… Even if only it’s the last we hear for this year.

  21. Croq says:

    Keep in mind that Activision and Neversoft also promised us that the initial export from GHWT and GHSH were just starters, that they were actively working on getting more tracks licensed. And that never happened.

    Personally I think that all Activision is doing here is trying to get a little money out of some licensing agreements they already had in place.

    Sorry to Ducksfan and some others, but this is not a “test”. Selling a few hundred or even a few thousand more copies of some DLC is not going to change their mind. You’re certainly welcome to spend your money wherever you want, but don’t delude yourself that it’s going to help do anything but make Kotick and his minions a little bit richer.

    • Leonardo Storti says:

      You may be right, however if alot of people buy the DLC that will come out, and I mean it has to be alot of people…it might make Kotick change his mind in ending the franchise. Of course the only way to succeed with this is probably releasing really cool bands that will sell for huge quantities, for example: Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Dream Theater and of course we can’t forget System of a Down (if you have other artists you know that will sell, share it with me).

      As for the promise of importing the rest of the songs from WT and SH (I would also like to count in GH5 since we only got 60 out of 80) I doubt they will deliver that promise very soon, well maybe there is a possibility. As long as we don’t have to get other code manuals and just use the same ones we used before to download the rest of the missing songs, the fact that TOOL was not imported pissed me off beyond belief. I don’t know, all we can do is hope, I wouldn’t mind having the rest of the imports from SH, GH5 and WT to be fully imported, I would truly consider that the end and it would make happy enough. If it is accomplished, I will totally be fine with the whole GH going into a full stop

      • DucksFAN says:

        Absolutely to that. I think, and will hold to this theory, that if this DLC sells REALLY well, Activision might consider riding on the DLC train. They weren’t going to release any more DLC anyway, but here we are after they say to us for our continued support we get more DLC. Let us not read too far into this that we think they are only giving us more DLC after they realized they had already licensed a bunch of music. I think they genuinely appreciate our support and are seeing how much Guitar Hero means to all of us. Thus propelling them to release more DLC. Sure they are wanting more profits, but what business doesn’t?

        As for the imports, I would love to see the rest of Guitar Hero World Tour added. (Airbourne, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, DREAM THEATER weren’t included? Are you freakin kidding me!!!?? But I still do have GH: WT and GH:5, so I would much prefer that they release brand new songs. I honestly think that BFMV, Disturbed, NICKELBACK, Saliva, Papa Roach, More Linkin Park, and MUSE would REALLY Sell well. They are well known and talented bands that everyone I know really likes.

      • Game!Ov3r says:

        yeah, I really didnt understand some of the export choices… like why did the Bowie song from Band Hero export but the one from GH5 didnt?

        • lolololol says:

          >anyone here really understands how music licensing works

          • Game!Ov3r says:

            Does anybody really know? But tell me this, why is it that “let’s Dance” gets an export but “Fame” doesnt, both from the same artist and the games were released what a month apart?

          • Rab says:

            Well that’s a pretty easy one to guess why.

            John Lennon has a co-writing credit on Fame but doesn’t on Let’s Dance. Carlos Alomar also has a credit on Fame, while Bowie alone is the credit holder for Let’s Dance.

            Everything’s guesswork but everybody knows that the songwriters gotta be compensated (or the songwriters’ rights owners…for example Oscar Winning producer Saul Zaentz owned rights to all CCR songs a while back and Fogerty couldn’t even legally play his own songs live for a spell…he wrote a song called Vanz Kan’t Dance about it).

    • JayJay says:

      I’d just like to chime in here:

      “Keep in mind that Activision and Neversoft also promised us that the initial export from GHWT and GHSH were just starters, that they were actively working on getting more tracks licensed. And that never happened.”

      Actually they didn’t. The official statement was more like “we will continue to seek licences for songs that didn’t export” but they didn’t promise that they would be successful.

      That said, limited imports are better for me than none at all. As a Wii owner Harmonix have done a much worse job with handling imports even though I’ve been told they licence everything to export so it should be a simple matter; apparently it’s not.

  22. Baronofbarons says:

    I hope we get some 70’s or 80’s rock or metal. That “final” pack we got was almost entirely crap, IMO.

  23. Game!Ov3r says:

    I am kinda torn, why should I support a company that physically took a heaping load on top of their supporters by shutting down the franchise. This almost feels like being dumped by your girlfriend then you get back together just to have her kick you in the nuts and leave again.

    • foreverBK says:

      ^ Ill let you f*ck me one last time, cause I cant find another guy just yet. Haha, nice.

      Anyways, I’m wondering if we will get the DLC tomorrow, or have to wait a few weeks.

      Im not really sure what I would want as DLC, but as long as its rock (classic, metal, or Punk) and its fun, Ill be happy.

    • Pancho says:

      Or more like the girlfriend that left you because you were “uncool,” but will come back once you’re in the “cool” crowd once again. (GH is dormant, not dead).

      As a GH fan, I’m kinda glad to see that the fans will get one more month of new stuff.
      As a RB fan, I’m bummed that this might mean that they might keep the exclusivity contracts alive, and I won’t see any DLC from the GH-exclusive bands on RockBand anytime soon.

      • Game!Ov3r says:

        Don’t get too down, Metallica did get a pro guitar upgrade this week! That means they had to get a new license to do this. I wouldnt be surprised if these bands started jumping ship.

  24. Izumi says:

    Activision realized they can still squeeze out some money from GH :/

  25. leon x says:

    I do not know if it’s a test or they just want to get more money. But i will support the game because I love guitar hero.

    That’s it.

  26. DucksFAN says:

    A lot of Nickelback would be really nice.

  27. Kevin says:

    >feels good man
    >few days later
    >feels bad man

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