Guitar Hero Scheduled for Reunion Tour in 2012?

When Activision announced the “end” of the Guitar Hero franchise, we were skeptical to say the least. Why would a company completely destroy such a recognizable brand with no hope of return? Well, according to a rumor that is being let on by IGN’s Jack DeVries from Game Scoop podcast, the Guitar Hero franchise is taking more of a hiatus than anything.

According to Front Towards Gamer, DeVries has it on good authority and is “not allowed to talk about” it, that Guitar Hero will undergo a reunion tour in time for Holiday 2012.In addition to that, today, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has mentioned that the Hero franchises could return someday when the masses are more excited for the music game genre.

Check out DeVries’ two quotes below regarding the subject matter and help us figure out if any hope really exists!

So, uh…I’ve heard rumors I’m not allowed to talk about…ummm…from…but I’m going to talk about them anyway.  I’m not going to name names or anything, but…I would predict Guitar Hero comes back holiday 2012….because we know they’re developing one…

…there’s another one that was supposed to be after that that I know of that has not stopped. They are still working on it.  That’s all I can say.  It was never scheduled for 2011, so it’s not affected.

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64 Responses to Guitar Hero Scheduled for Reunion Tour in 2012?

  1. RdNetwork says:

    GH:RHCP and GH:3DS in 2012 ?

  2. xl aerosmash lx says:

    and it will be realease on december 22nd,2012
    post-end of the earth

    • nathan says:

      Unfortuneately, it will be a day AFTER the end. 21nd is “supposed” to be armagedon, yet the new guitar hero is being released on the 22nd :'(

    • Stormtali (Matt Cook) says:

      To The Dipshits On Apocalypse: You Really Need TO Stop Saying The Worlds Gonna end because I Had Nightmares Because Of Stupid Shit like That here is what they were:
      Nightmare 1: Dancing Zombies (Dancing To Chicken Dance)
      Nightmare 2: Falling To The Firey Depths Of Hell And Burning Alive
      And Nightmare 3: Dancing Mayans (dancing To Popcorn By Crazy frog)

      But Awesome That The Guitar Hero Franchise And DJ Hero Franchises Are Coming Back In Action

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  4. Game!Ov3r says:

    Guitar Hero is a brand name that they were not just going to throw away, they will keep it in their back pocket for the time being. I bet they are going to see if Rock Band can weather the storm in the next year plus and if they can they will jump back in the game and sell games on the Guitar Hero name itself. While they play the waiting game, my money will flow into Rock Band.

  5. Cactaur says:

    I really hope the GH: Red Hot Chili Peppers is a reality for 2012. I’m willing to wait.

  6. Uunoftw says:

    I approve this. Thanks for sharing and caring 😛

  7. ManfredvonKarma says:

    I’m kind of hoping for a GH:SH2. That’s something that if done right would sell like hotcakes. GH;SH was a great concept, and there were so many great songs that got passed over.

  8. King Bobby III says:

    Oh no, who would buy that shit. They should leave the remains alone, and let it die with some dignity *facepalm*

  9. The D says:

    I hope they dont make GH RHCP. Theyre not nearly a famous band with 50 good songs and theyre not popular anymore. It would end GH as soon as it came back

    • Ospero says:

      Well, compared to Van Halen, RHCP are the pinnacle of “current popularity”. 2006 may be a long time ago for a band to have a hit, but compared to VH’s last, that’s practically today.

      So…the franchise might be coming back next year, hm? Good to hear that. It might keep Harmonix on their toes. 😉

    • Cactaur says:

      RHCP not popular? I do believe that is not true sir. Whether the songs are good or not is up to opinion, but 50 million sales says something about their popularity. Plus, they are scheduled to have a new album come out this year, which will re-spark even more interest in them.

      • reaper527 says:

        honestly, it doesn’t really matter how popular RHCP are. the fact of the matter is that band specific games don’t sell well. look no further than gh:green day and rb:beatles. i don’t think anyone would try to argue that those aren’t popular bands, but they just didn’t sell.

        the push for band specific games is what killed the franchise to begin with. band specific games is what really allowed them to start rushing games out the door and over saturate the market.

        • Cactaur says:

          I’d say the true cause of the downfall can be mostly pinned to 2009. Activision tried to push no less than 6 Guitar Hero games on us that year in addition to DJ Hero. Almost nobody could afford or cared to get all of them. And yes, putting out both Metallica and Van Halen that year was a mistake, as we all saw what low-quality Van Halen was compared to Metallica. It also didn’t help that Activision still priced the band specific games at $60 (PS3, 360) on release despite the fact that they only have about half the songs of one of the main series games. Half content = half the price you would think.

          As for the band games not selling well, let’s look at the numbers.

          Aerosmith – 2,741,000
          The Beatles: Rock Band – 1,296,000
          Guitar Hero: Metallica — 1,001,000

          These three at least have sold pretty well.

          • Ed Tanguy EWE says:

            If you just compare GHM to GHVH, i think they were both equally good (depending on your music taste) but they were bothe just as fun to play… the issue imo, is that GHVH came out AFTER GH5 over here… so after saying ‘look how we’ve improved the engine’ they go back to GHM style for GHVH…

    • Stormtali (Matt Cook) says:

      Bulshit RHCP Is Still Popular Not To mention all future loyalties and publishing rights
      Kame Hame HA! (DBZ Line)

  10. Baron Of Barons says:

    I do hope that if this rolls around, it has a good setlist. Warriors of Rock had a great engine, but it was plagued by a sub-par selection of songs.

    I mean, there were a lot of good ones, but I hadn’t seen this many stinkers in a setlist outside of Band Hero or Green Day.

  11. PSPCOW says:

    I can’t believe I drank my dad’s 4 remaining beers for the series to just take a break :p

  12. Ty says:

    guitar hero just needs a true sequel to guitar hero 5, warriors of rock was good, but I liked the party/rockstar feel of GH5. inovate a little and PLEASE, for the love of god, DO NOT GIVE US GUITAR HERO RHCP!

    • Cactaur says:

      Hey man, suck it up. I want it, lots of people want it. Don’t be hating on GH: RHCP, just keep it to yourself, and pray that they can make a GH band game you want.

  13. Lime Blockade says:

    I highly doubt that this would happen. I’m not gonna trust rumors from around the web, especially from IGN, so I’m gonna take this with a grain of salt.

  14. KEWB says:

    So they fired the GH staff…and now the rumor is that there’s a new game in the works?

    Wait a second…GH is sort of known for…”borrowing” ideas from HMX. HMX took about 2 years between RB2 and RB3. Nowthere’s talk of a new GH to be released about 2 years after WoR….

    Harmonies, keyboards, and pro gui- er… I mean “Guitar Plus” confirmed.

  15. Ed Tanguy EWE says:

    I’d personally love a GH:RHCP 🙂 i mean, COME ON!!! Suck My Kiss, By The Way, Californication, Hard To Concentrate, Tell Me Baby, Snow ((Hey Oh)), They’re Red Hot, Can’t Stop…. as a vocalist and guitarist, it’d be EPIC!!!!!!111111oneoneoneone

    • Cactaur says:

      I’d love all those, but I would look forward even more to some of their older stuff like Fight Like a Brave, Backwoods, and Knock Me Down. The bass on those are even more awesome and funky than the newer stuff. And I would love to sing “Under the Bridge”.

  16. The Anime Cow says:

    Its probably GH:RHCP. (At least I hope)

    INB4 The Mars Volta and Jane’s Addiction (+ Perry Farrell as a playable character) in RHCP.

    • Ed Tanguy EWE says:

      yea, because in GH:A, GH:M, GH:VH, there were playable characters from other bands -_-

      no doubt, if there were guest acts they’d be non-related to the band AT ALL (Blink182 -VH, Alice in Chains -M, Stone Temple Piolts -A)

      • Brian says:

        There WERE characters from other bands in GH:A and GH:M… Lemmy and King Diamond were in Metallica and Darryl McDaniels from RUN DMC was in Aerosmith.

        Also, AIC isn’t unrelated from Metallica in their influences and STP definitely isn’t unrelated from Aerosmith. STP and Aerosmith actually shared the stage for two songs one night in Boston and Dean DeLeo is highly influenced by Joe Perry’s playing.

        • Ed Tanguy EWE says:

          …. 😐 OF COURSE! Damn me >_<

          I retract my entire last comment for forgetting EVERYTHING and looking like a total n00b… :/

  17. R.A says:

    Hoping for GH:Iron Maiden

  18. Leoanrdo Storti says:

    This gives me a glimmer of hope….I stopped playing GHWOR after Activision announced that they stopped all production of GH or abandoned if you will. After reading this it gives me something to hang on to, maybe the series isn’t dead after all, remember the GH name is truly a very very strong recognized famous name. Maybe Activision did not fully kill it, regardless reading this gives me hope there is no doubt about it….I feel like playing GHWOR again, this small rumor that hopefully please god let it be true, has rekindled my love for GH again…I would like to hang on to it and hope

  19. Croq says:

    I’ll be surprised if this happens. I would think that if they were planning on doing this, that DLC would continue for the current title so that they would still have some revenue coming in. If it does happen, I would probably buy it (depending on the setlist). I just don’t want to get hopes up of a return to only have them dashed.

    • Leoanrdo Storti says:

      They could have continued with the DLC, believe me I accepted the fact they were not gonna release any more games but stop DLC all together as well? it’s what ticked me off the most, eitherway that’s besides the point…DLC is expensive, due to the licensing costs, another factor is that Artists also like to bitch and demand way too much money, Activision couldn’t afford it anymore so they stopped it…besides not alot of people were downloading the music from the store anyway, which is kinda sad

      But there are possibilities, I mean the death of guitar hero is not written in stone, this rumor kind of gives you a hint on that or intuition if you will….I for one believe it’s not fully dead, and this rumor is all I can cling unto now

  20. Dave GH says:

    I think they should still release the DLC of the band “The Mercy House” that won the Guitar Hero Contest to be on Guitar Hero. “Greed” was the Track, It IS a VERY good song! A great new band on the horizon for the UK!
    I do hope that they still get their prize!

    • KEWB says:

      FWIW some RBN authoring group really felt bad about what happened and offered their services to The Mercy House to release Greed for them free of charge to the band. It’s on RB, but at least they’re getting rewarded somehow for their hard work.

  21. Rocker Extraordinaire says:

    Rock Band always seemed more in tune with the music world and how that works. Guitar Hero come off looking like selfish noobs with what they tried to do. Good riddance!

  22. nufcmmarshall says:

    If they do come back, don’t release to many band guitar hero’s, just stick to the games like warriors of rock. These games have a variety of music for all people and will attract people. Not all people are fans of Aerosmith, Metallica or Kiss which is why they are not selling any copies.

  23. TenFingersPale says:

    I hope to God that this is true, I’ve lost alot of hope and this is bringing back a spark. I felt sad when they said it was discontinued, I hope they do make one and I hope they put popular songs in it so it will sell really well- even if I don’t like the setlist I’m going to buy it because GH is the best game ever made. I’m more into deathmetal screamo stuff but I’d buy it even if it had something as gay as Justin Beiber just to give them cash lol. You may think a fool of me though

  24. Mr. Man says:

    I highly doubt Guitar Hero is coming back for 2012. They fired the whole dev team for crying out loud, now how can you make another Guitar Hero title with a CoD, Spyro and Bungie’s new ip in the works? Unlike Nintendo, Activision won’t revive a franchise unless it can bring mass amounts of money. I think the last truly great GH game was 3, after that RB carried the soul of GH on with the original developers: Harmonix. Besides I see this IF GH is revived: NEW GUITAR HERO, NOW WITH KEYBOARDS, HARMONIES, ALSO GUITAR ULTIMATE: PLAY REAL GUITAR, AND BRING YOUR DJ JAM TABLE IN THE MIX FOR 10 PLAYERS.

    • KEWB says:

      Replace guitar ultimate with guitar+, and you’re probably right. Don’t forget DJ+ too, allowing you to REALLY DJ! Wait…assuming the price was fair I would actually buy that.

  25. lololololol says:

    More HMX fan boy propaganda who would’ve thought

  26. fucking abos aee says:

    GH is sick

  27. TrololorT says:

    megadeth said they were very interested in involvement (of the GH franchise) around a month after GH WOR if there will be a gh in 2012 (hopefully lol) if anything it will be megadeth after all sudden death was recorded for gh wor so kinda obvious

  28. GOPIRATE says:

    I guess Guitar Hero RHCP and Guitar Hero 7 comes out nxt year

  29. bonekrusher30 says:

    I cant wait for the new guitar hero game cause ive been watching my 10 year old girl play guitar hero and she can shred on hard and getting very close to expert. i believe Metallica would be proud of her. lol.

  30. johnnyv says:

    it would be very nice if they had gh alice in chains or gh grunge or some shit

  31. MaLiBu*KiLL3r says:

    I can’t wait for this !

    I wan’t to rock out with a new Guitar Hero in 2012 !

    Let’s hope it’s true that there will be a new one.

  32. melodicdethmetal says:

    I want a Guitar Hero: Slayer to come out

  33. iRockBrazil says:

    I reaaaaaally would love a GH Guns N’Roses!!! Some old school Rock n’ Roll game… And let’s face it: The songs are awesome!!! So: GHGNR!!!

  34. Tom Anslow says:

    Lets send Guitar Hero out with a BANG!!!!!!

    Guitar Hero Avenged Sevenfold (A7x)
    With the credits as “So Far Away” and the final Encore as a Guitar Battle against “Synyster Gates”.

    Have The “Rev” as the original drummer leading to “Mike Portnoy” and finishing with “Arin Llejay”

    All Instruments Compatable from previous Guitar Hero games.

    Create Songs in GH Tunes with official Guitar and Drum settings used by A7x.

    And to top it all off when you complete the game you can perform as any member of A7x including the all famous “Deathbat”.

    I hope you enjoy the idea, thanks for reading 🙂

    • creston says:

      that would be a good idea and i love the band but if they did make another guitar hero i doubt they would do this because i didnt buy arosmith or vh because i wasnt intrested in the band but when gh wor it was better than thoughs because it had many more different genres.

  35. adrien says:

    i spoke to activation and here is the chat

    Tech Specialist Spencer S. Reporting!

    will there be any new guitar hero released in 2012

    Spencer S.
    I’m sorry, but Activision Customer Support is not at liberty to discuss unreleased content.

    but will there or has it just stopped because i can not find any servers on guitar hero metallica

    Spencer S.
    I cannot provide you with any information regarding unreleased content.

    Spencer S.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Spencer S.
    I’d recommend checking the official Activision website for the most up-to-date information.

    so there will be 1 if u said it is unreleased

    Spencer S.
    I cannot confirm or deny if there will be a new Guitar Hero game in 2012.

    what about in the a few years because i am a huge fan and i will like to know about this i do not spread stuff around or anything i dont even have a website

    Spencer S.
    I’m sorry, but I do not have access to that information.

    Spencer S.
    Activision Customer Support is not at liberty to discuss unreleased content.

    Spencer S.
    Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    is there anywhere i can find if there will be a new 1

    Spencer S.
    The main Activision website is the only place I can recommend.

    if they did make a new 1 will there be lots of heavy metal song in it if there is not can i make a request

    Spencer S.
    I’d be happy to forward that suggestion to the developers for you.

    ok thank you well ill list them

    the artists are

    Spencer S.

    iron maiden as i lay dying all the remains asking alexandria bullet for my valentine disturbed killswitch engaged and trivium

    Spencer S.
    Okay, thank you.

    Spencer S.
    I will be sure to forward that to the developers.

    ok thank you

    • Guitarherofan says:

      That sounds good. I’d say they are making new Guitar Hero. I hope it has Yngwie Malmsteen songs. Also GH:YM would be great (Guitar Hero Yngwie Malmsteen)

      • lolol says:

        the only sane poster here! It’d sell like shit but why do we live in a world WITHOUT GHYM?

        • guitarherofan says:

          Because Guitar Hero games have to have easy songs too for beginners. BUT they could put some warning signs to GHYM like : “NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS” or just put 10-15 easier songs in it.

  36. Dmac says:

    I say; They scrap the drums and vocal completely, and just go back to GH3s concept and engine. I, and many others, would buy that in a heart beat.

  37. brad says:

    There needs to be a Guitar Hero: Judas Priest. Playing intense songs and intense solos by the Metal Gods

  38. Cristian says:

    It is July 09, 2013…. still no word of a new Guitar Hero.

    I’m starting to wonder if Activision will keep there promise (whether they did or not).

    [I still haven’t lost hope that Guitar Hero will come back. It is what they will do to reinvent the franchise that I’m worried about. I have been into the Guitar Hero franchise since I first played Guitar Hero 2. It felt ackward and fustrating at first, but it was a fun and new experience. I currently play guitar (even with a year’s worth of practice, I still consider myself amateur). Despite that learning to play an actual guitar is much more rewarding, some people just don’t have the patience for that. The plastic instruments were the solution. Mind you, the controllers didn’t help in anyway teach you to play an actual guitar (although the drum kit from World Tour and the addition of double bassing in the Metallica game did offer some endurance and coordination practice for those who want to play the drums.), but it took players alot less time learn how to play the game and also introduced kids of this generation to songs not heard as often. The last statement is also a fact. Admitting, much of the songs that I currently listen to was because of Guitar Hero. I never really apreciatted other artists work before I played the game. Now I have much respect for the artists (or some of them at least) that had made these songs.]

    Will Guitar Hero ever be the same when it is revived (if it is revived)?

    Only time will tell.

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