No More DLC Coming After February

Well, we reported yesterday that Activision might have plans to continue to support Guitar Hero through DLC in the future, but now those rumors have been squashed and that silver lining has been darkened.

So what else is there to say? The game franchise is, at this point, dead in the water. There is a possibility that it comes back after 2011, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll have any real news to report for a while.

Keep checking back with us and see what else develops before the news trickles to a stop.

We will release the previously announced DLC track and mix packs for February, but unfortunately we will not be able to release new DLC packs beyond what we already have.


Over the past two years, we have seen rapid declines in the music genre, and unfortunately, based on current demand, we simply cannot continue to profitably make these games given the considerable licensing and manufacturing costs.

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21 Responses to No More DLC Coming After February

  1. vVv Dan says:

    We could.. always go back to covers!

  2. Rab says:

    Wow, no more dlc even?

    Does this mean no more DLC for DJ Hero either?

    WTF! I apologize for telling people that they shouldn’t bash Activision all the time. They ruined the franchise with countless games and approving the horrible Couples Retreat scene (all video game sellers are expert guitar hero players right? maybe for video games we shouldn’t say “jump the shark” but instead say “overdo the plastic guitar heroics”).

  3. Ryan says:

    Nobody buys the DLC anyway!!!!! I play online and I can’t anyone who has DLC, not even the free ones!!!

    • Brian says:

      Except, ya know, people that are upset over this news.

    • Cactaur says:

      Yeah, it’s sad but it’s probably a fact. I remember that Game Informer did a survey on music games a while back, and a little less than half the people said they bought DLC. If you play on PS3, friend request CactaurMan36 and I’ll play with you when I can!

  4. Shmoo says:

    Question for Brian / THF:

    Can you find out over the coming days if the music store will remain open past February?

    Any sales planned for DLC before it is shuttered?

    I’ve got about 80 more songs I’d consider buying for the GH platform.

    • Brian says:

      1) There’s no indication of them closing it. I would say with 95% certainty it will remain open for a long time. They have no reason to close it as any future purchases would just be free money for Activision.

      2) No clue if there will be any sales. Generally those are to promote something, so if the Guitar Hero series has nothing to promote, then there is not really a reason for any type of sale. Never say never, however.

      3) Well, you’ll have a while to catch up on your backlog, it would seem. :-/

  5. Ed Tanguy EWE says:

    What about ‘Greed’ – The Mercy House? or something… Y’KNOW!?

  6. KEWB says:

    I was actually starting to get back into GH after giving it another chance. Still not as good as Rock Band IMO, but I was having fun with WOR nonetheless. RB fanboys can say what they want, but it really is disappointing. Activation kind of brought it on themselves with the oversaturation, but that’s not the fault of at least the majority of employees who are now out of a job. I wish them all the best of luck and will continue to enjoy GH and DJH from time to time.

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