DLC Easing Up On Censorship?

Ever since the beginning of the Guitar Hero series, the titles (save for Band Hero) have owned up to an ESRB rating of “T for Teen” based on the lyrical content of the songs. Until now, the downloadable content has all followed that same basic guideline.

With the release of the February Mega Pack, which was heavy on the modern metal and the obscene, it appears as though the censorship has taken a more lackadaisical approach. Check out the songs below from today’s pack, for example:

Marilyn Manson – “Get Your Gunn”

I am the little stick, You stir me into shit, I hate therefore I am, Goddamn your righteous hand

Children of Bodom – “Living Dead Beat”

Stalling the sandman, fight back, drink like a madman, run away from the light to come, SHIT FALLS DOWN! Sun comes up high shining bright, It’s Time to close your eyes…

So what does this mean going forward? Could this mean that the next step in the evolution of Guitar Hero could go for a more mature demographic? At the very least, it hopefully means that some of the more mature content will be kept as such.

Now, let’s all go play “American Pie,” where they censor “whiskey,” and “Living Dead Beat,” where they leave in “shit,” back to back and chuckle gleefully at the inconsistencies! We know, we know… “American Pie” was on Band Hero.


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11 Responses to DLC Easing Up On Censorship?

  1. Ed Tanguy EWE says:

    I personally think this is a positive step… usually i don’t like lots of swearing, but if i’m in the mood to play those kinda songs, then i’ll curse all i like! >_<
    and hopefully this'll mean getting closer to some LONG awaited Tenacious D DLC
    please, oh please 😀

  2. TheGreatDave says:

    They could have introduced this brave new world with This Is The New Shit.

    What a waste.

  3. PSPCOW says:

    Fuck the System??!!

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  5. The Witticus says:

    If Closer by NIN had been released uncensored last month I would have bought Warriors of Rock on the spot.

  6. Eric says:

    Well, based on some of the games I have played, using “shit” a few times (Emphasis on “A FEW TIMES”) and still maintain a Teen rating [See: Mirror’s Edge]. I could see this happening in the future.

  7. Blitzthis says:

    They drove me nuts when they censored the word kill from “2 Minutes to Midnight” on GH5. Yeah that’s right…kill.

    The line is
    To Kill the unborn in the womb….cept kill is missing.

    Probably some anti-abortion paranoia.

    Not edited in Rock Band.

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