What Can We Do to Get Guitar Hero in Major League Gaming?

Our friends over at vVv Gaming put out their latest Loser’s Bracket Podcast. This time, they nailed a very interesting interview with the CEO of Major League Gaming, Sundance DiGiovanni. While this episode of their podcast centered around the state of MLG, the main topic of discussion as far as we’re concerned was in regards to the status of rhythm games in Major League Gaming, or rather, the lack thereof.

So what are the steps needed to take for rhythm gamers to get their beloved franchises in the circuit? As ScoreHero member and vVv  Gaming Podcast host Vertiggo points out, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock would be an amazing title for competitions such as MLG.

For a more detailed description on how we, the fans and community, can help get Guitar Hero and DJ Hero into MLG, check out Vertiggo’s ScoreHero post, but we’ll give you the gist of it boiled down to one word: awareness.

What do you think? Is Warriors of Rock the best rhythm game for MLG? Is there a place for DJ Hero as well? Let us know in the comments!

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25 Responses to What Can We Do to Get Guitar Hero in Major League Gaming?

  1. I don’t think that Guitar Hero should be in MLG for Drums. All other instruments are fine. The only reason why I say that is because not every drummer uses a stock drum kit to play. So it would be impossible to have every drummer on one official kit, And DJ Hero doesn’t have enough awareness to be an MLG circuit.

    • Elliott says:

      It’s interesting because at it’s core despite perceptions of how popular the game is or isn’t DJ Hero 2 is far more challenging than GHWOR and could pull in a whole new audience of players and techniques into competitive gaming.

      Best case scenario would be both games but I think DJ Hero is completely unrestrained by the musical limitations that hold back Guitar Hero from being as difficult as it could be.

      Until of course they make Guitar Hero Fruity Loop Studio custom edition.

    • Superspaz117 says:

      well I think that what they can do is the same for PC games, just have one official kit at each event, give people time to get used to it, and they could do it that way, I would also love full band gameplay to be in there, it might not be the most popular thing but just having it included in MLG could boost the amount of competition

    • Claire says:

      Vocals could become an issue, also. Would you have to sing or would humming be acceptable? If humming were allowed, that would be pretty ridiculous to watch two people having a “hum-off.”

      • Antwon says:

        ‘Course, the alternative involves injecting a subjective judging element into gameplay. Just how badly are you allowed to not-sing before it no longer “counts”? Slurring your hard consonants? Mumbling your way through a section where you don’t really know the words? Truly singing, but using completely incorrect lyrics which “coincidentally” are more amenable to the game engine? That’d be a giant soupy mess right there….

        • JayJay says:

          Well the vocal engine awards strong pitch and tune over actual lyric knowledge. I’d say that so long as the person tries to sing the song faithfully and doesn’t just hum their way through it then it should be fine.

          I also think that it would be unfair to lean more towards those with a better talent at actual singing over those that can still score an FC, but don’t sound so great doing it.

          Then again I’m saying this with barely any idea of what Major League Gaming actually is.

          • Superspaz117 says:

            well MLG is a professional gaming league, like in the same sense as NFL or some shit like that, while it isn’t the only gaming league around it is by far the biggest, the most popular game played on there has always been halo, and other games have been played.

            And as for the vocals thing, my suspicion would be that an the highest score wins, full stop.

            Because if we tried to judge a winner by a persons opinion of who sang best, he/she could easily be biased in favour of whoever

            And if it were put through, no one would even be certain if it would include every instrument, never mind standalone vocals, I am hoping that it does include all of the instruments just for having an FB competition in there.

            But on topic to the OP, what exactly would need to be done for it to be noticed, a huge petition or something like that?

          • KEWB says:

            I agree with Superspaz. Just based on score. While it’s definitely more fun to learn the lyrics and sing, when it comes to gaming competitions it should be based on score. This isn’t American Idol.

            And I really think GH, DJH, and RB would work well with competitions. Solo and full band competitions in MLG would be awesome. As long as there’s an instrument set and calibration setting at all competitions and time for the competitors to get used to everything it would work fine imo.

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  3. Leonardo Storti says:

    I don’t think there is an possibility that GH well be in MLG, however RB and DJ Hero is a most definite. Face it guys, RB stole GH’s Thunder…nobody cares for GH anymore everyones either moved on or moved on to RB. I will always prefer GH over RB honestly, I just don’t see GH being in MLG, everyone hates GH except the hardcore fans, like me.

    • Superspaz117 says:

      well for competition sakes, it is between GHWoR and RB3, and they wont use DLC unless it is free, the only game it could ever pick is GHWoR, since it has the higher percentage of difficult songs and a much lower percentage of glitches

    • lololol says:

      It seems like you want to believe that RB has overshadowed GH an awful lot- maybe you are on the wrong website 😉

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  5. PSPCOW says:

    Leonardo is such a bad troll! ;D he contradicted himself. …and I rather sing some Orianthi and Flyleaf than some Amy WhineHouse. (the typo is on purpose…)

  6. Dan R says:

    I don’t know what other games MLG has, but at a basic level rhythm games are not a head to head competition. They’re a performance competition.

    Who can score better or add in style points if desired. Essentially who performed a fixed task better. Not who defeated the other

    • Superspaz117 says:

      errr, just getting a higher score than the other is beating them, I see where you are coming from but it is still the same basic idea

  7. Leonardo Storti says:

    Ok I have not heard any news from Guitar Hero lately, what is going on isn’t there anything new to talk about in this site anymore? no new DLC for guitar hero?….it’s been like a little more than a week and I have not seen any news in this site at all

  8. Kyle Polansky says:

    I would really like to see Guitar Hero added to MLG. I have to agree with some comments made by other people. Summing it up, GH is a difficult game to have professional competitions with.

    With shooters, its pretty easy, just see who can get the most points (kills). With Guitar Hero, someone always has to add the “realistic” factor in. And, then there is fair-ness, which makes everything a lot harder.

    I personally hate the idea of judging based on costume, or moves, or tricks or really any part of your physical performance. If enough people this that this should be considered, I would recommend that it be a separate competition from just score based ones. It always annoys me when some of my favorite Guitar Hero/Rock Band players will enter a competition, and loose because the judges don’t base off of real skill. So for this subject, I would either make different categories, and count the persons performance as a very small percent of there total “grade”.

    As for the controllers used, this is also a very hard topic to decide on. The guitars should be fairly simple, I would say any officially licensed guitar should be acceptable. If I was making the rules, I would let modifications, but I’m sure that too many people would have a problem with that, so I guess that the Guitar Hero stock guitar of the players choice would be allowed. The Guitar Hero mic should be used for singing, that doesn’t seem that hard of a choice. The drums is really where this rule would get difficult. I play drums about 99% of the time. I have a modified ION kit, with a Roland snare, and a Roland kick trigger, which allows for real double bass pedals. I connect it all through a drum brain and then MIDI out to a Guitar Hero drumset. I just got my new Roland pads 2 or 3 days ago, but I am still not comfortable with them at all. I’m almost scared when I hit the red (snare) because of how much rebound I get. I understand that the pedals should be different because its double bass with real pedals, but its just to help prove a point. I played on my cousins stock kit about a month ago (when I was using stock ION’s) and I could not play at all. The kit might have been bad, but I couldn’t get above 90% on anything. (I can usually get 95%+ except on a few songs). I was only playing easy songs too. Its a huge transition between the 2 drumsets and I can’t imagine how much hard it was for Someguy913 to play on a stock kit when he set the GH:M world record. I know he was practicing on his stock kit for a while before, but its just not “right” to make you play on a worse kit. On the other hand, I would be mad if I just has my modified ION kit, and I was playing Someguy913 with his complete Roland set. Another side to this is transportation. It the tournament is local, I wouldn’t mind sticking my kit all set up in the back of an SUV, and just bringing it out, adjusting the pedals and throne, plugging in a MIDI cable, and playing. But, if I had to completely tear the set apart, and pack it so that each pad and cymbal would be safe on a plane, it would take way too long and I would be worried about it getting damaged. I am still a beginner drummer and don’t know what the best positions for all the pads are, but when I initially set up my ION set, I spent about 5 hours trying different combinations and playing portions of songs, and then re-adjusting. I know that it can be done a lot quicker, but just even unwrapping everything would take quite a long time. I think that if a drummer wants to use their own set, they shouldn’t be denied the right to, although if they do use it, everyone in their bracket should be given the option to play on the kit for that round. This way, the person on the stock kit really can’t complain that the other person has a better kit. I’m not very familiar with MLG, but if they offer online contests, it would help the lugging of the set a lot.

    For the argument about singing, I think that this should just be for score. Its going back to the idea that everyone thinks Guitar Hero needs to be realistic. Lets face it though, there are many games that mimic life events. For some reason other games just don’t get “picked on” as much. As a guitarist from Dragonforce said a long time ago: (paraphrased) “Guitar Hero is just a game, and it was made so that you have fun playing it. Playing guitar in Guitar Hero probably won’t make you a better guitarist (in real life). You can take the same approach in the call of duty series, you can play call of duty all day but at the end, you probably won’t be able to shoot a gun any better.” People at my school give me crap about how Guitar Hero isn’t like play a “real” guitar. Once I say that I play drums, and explain that quote (that I don’t know the exact words on) they usually will leave me alone. So back to vocals, I think that you should be allowed to sing however you want, as long as you give the other person the opportunity to sing the same way.

    As for DLC, I think that the console should be loaded with DLC, and both players should agree on playing it. There are some great songs available for DLC, some of them I would say are better than the entire on-disc setlist. However, if someone has never played the song before, its unfair to score them on a sightread.

    Another topic that I’m surprised hasn’t came up is hyper speed. Sure its a “cheat” (well now just an option), but I think it should be allowed. Both players will still be playing the exact same chart. The only time you shouldn’t be allowed to use it is if it messes with the other player. Then you could just let each person so a solo run of the song with their personal hyper speed settings.

    These are some of the major problems that makes Guitar Hero a very hard game for fair competitions. Even if you can claim that it’s fair, someone might still be at a disadvantage (drumset example). My personal beliefs are to have fewer “rules” and let everyone have a wide selection of options. Hopefully, if everyone has the same options, one person won’t be able to complain because they had the chance to use that controller or that option. I do think that it should be considered for MLG because I have heard a lot about it (although I’m still not familiar with it). Guitar Hero is just one of those games thats fun to play, and its very unique from many other games out there.

  9. Superspaz117 says:

    While I could quote the above message, it would take up too much space, so I will go through each bit, adding the “realistic” factor? I have personally never seen this, just base the winner on who has the higher score and move on, making one for costumes and moves, I have personally never seen an official game LAN tournament played this way… like ever.

    Guitars should be any licensed guitar could be used, and there can be SOME modifications (such as rubber band on a whammy, cardboard on xplorer select button etc)

    For drums I say to keep everything fair they should stick to stock kits, cos like you said transporting them via air plane is too unrealistic, and since the hardware gives the biggest advantage on drums compared to guitar/bass and vocals, it would just be easier to stick to stock kits, keeping plenty in supply and have plenty of testers to make sure they don’t die and are suitable for competition.

    A mic should be any mic that can work with the game.

    MLG’s stance on DLC has always been to not include it if it isn’t free, since not everyone can afford to pay for it, so keep the free DLC in, which if it did make it into MLG will have been downloaded prior to the event.

    Most events (especially full on gaming based tournaments) allow the use of Hyperspeed due to the fact it does not change the output of the score in the game (except for RB drums but for different reasons), so I would expect MLG to allow its use.

    And if people are worried that their “option” isn’t available, they would be persuaded to contact an MLG official to see if he can use that option or not, giving him plenty of time to use another option.

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