Deal: DJ Hero 2 Wii Bundle, Warriors of Rock Guitar Bundle for Wii – $60

In a holiday week that is full of deals, it’s really difficult for the various vendors and stores to stand out above the rest of the deal-making competitors. One has definitely caught our eye today, however., who has become known for their amazing deals over the past several years, just announced via their Twitter page that the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar Bundle, as well as the DJ Hero 2 Turntable Bundle for the Wii will be only $59.99 as a part of their daily Gold Box Deals.

We know that Black Friday is coming soon, but looking at the deals now, you might be hard pressed to find a better deal than this if you’re a Wii rocker or DJ that hasn’t yet picked up the latest and greatest Guitar Hero or DJ Hero titles.

Click here to check out today’s Gold Box event, and keep your eyes open for the DJ Hero 2 Bundle and the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Wii Bundle!


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3 Responses to Deal: DJ Hero 2 Wii Bundle, Warriors of Rock Guitar Bundle for Wii – $60

  1. Game!Ov3r says:

    I already have WOR… so how much is Gamestop buying this game for? I need a new guitar.

  2. PSPCOW says:

    I saw those shiny new WOR guitars and I was tempted to buy the super bundle… Only to find out that the new guitar wasn’t in it. Well, good thing I didn’t have the gh5 guitar.
    Still want the new guitar >:

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