THF Exclusive: Steve Ouimette discusses working with Alice Cooper on DLC

The Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Track Pack that was released last week gave us a good mix of Slash, Poison Tesla, Rush and Alice Cooper. You may remember reports that Alice Cooper was actually needing to rerecord all of his hits so that they could be released as Guitar Hero DLC. Turns out our good friend, Steve Ouimette, was responsible for the version of “Poison” that we saw last week.

Steve had mentioned to me a few weeks back that he had worked with Alice Cooper on a project, but couldn’t tell me anything about it. Yesterday, however, Steve sent me an e-mail with his recollection of his time he got to spend with Alice Cooper.

I wasn’t able to talk about it last time but wanted to let you know I did the new version of “Poison” for Guitar Hero with Alice himself!  Did it earlier this year at my studio and got to hang out with and record Alice.  What a blast!  Think it turned out pretty good and it was so cool to do a re-record with the original singer…and the LEGEND! Nicest rock guy I’ve ever met.  We live 5 miles away from each other.

I did the guitar, bass, keys/programming and engineering.  Ryan Hoyle on drums.  David Steele and Marc LaFrance did the huge background vocals.  Ryan Greene mixed the track.  The man himself did all the vocals in a couple of hours over at Ryan Greene’s home one afternoon.  Amazing guy.  Funny, smart and he was super easy to hang out with.  I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.

As a bonus, a few weeks after we did the track I got a call from his wife Sheryl, who invited me to their son’s birthday party over at Cooperstown in Phoenix.  Talk about feeling welcomed…amazing stuff.

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10 Responses to THF Exclusive: Steve Ouimette discusses working with Alice Cooper on DLC

  1. Rab says:

    Awesome, that means I’ll buy that song again even though I own it on Rock Band.

    (The Rock Band song I believe is the original version, though, so I wonder what the deal is with past masters…especially since I was kind of hoping a studio version of Under My Wheels with Axl Rose would come out with harmony vocals one day)

  2. Ed Tanguy says:

    AH, i wonderd why this one had a different ending to the RB one! two absolute LEGENDS! andandand, more ouimuette on Wii 😀 😀

  3. Jake says:

    Yeah this version is tops! Good Job Steve and Alice!

  4. joescorpion says:

    I like stevie ouimette and everything but why did they have to rerecord it? it was perfectly fine in rock band with the original masters

    • Cactaur says:

      Licensing issues? idk

      Sounds pretty close to the original as far as I can tell. And they put 1989 as the year for the track, even though it was rerecorded.

  5. Leonardo Storti says:

    No disrespect for the Alice Cooper fans, but ENOUGH with Alice Cooper, I like some of his songs to be sure but not all of them, I want something fresh and new not just more Alice Cooper I’m really not a big fan of him.

    I would certainly love some Coheed and Cambria but that looks like it will never happen, which = gaysauce.

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