DJ Hero Downloadable Content Update Now Available!

The DJ Hero DLC Content Update is now available for PS3/XBox360 and while it’s not a full disc import you should still be pretty excited!

It was foretold in a previous announcement by Activision, that there would be a compatibility update for DJ Hero 2 which would allow you to play previous DLC released for the first game. It was said it would come out mid-November but strange things happened and the patch appeared for one lucky Australian plastic DJ on Scorehero named LanceBriggs55.

DJ Hero Downloadable Content Update on 360 or PS3

There are a few things to note regarding his findings. First let’s look at the feature sets from DJ Hero 2 implemented in the previous DLC:

  • No Vocals
  • No Freestyle Scratching
  • No Crossfade Freestyle Sections
  • Freestyle Sections have been implemented (red button sections with specific samples to the track)
  • Long directional scratches have been added
  • Tap sustains have been added

Unfortunately there also seems to be a few glitches that he discovered as well on PS3:

Sandstorm/Higher State of Consciousness – Specifically after a rewind, the audio sounds like a cd skipping.Wolfgang’s 5th – Same thing, generally only after rewinding.

Jay-Z Eminem – Shake That – The chart is out of synch with the audio by about half a second, and I cannot remember seeing any euphoria sections on the chart at all.

Lose Yourself/Can I Get A – Seemed to be ok, although the chart moved really really slow. But I remember myself thinking the same on DJH, that the chart was a bit slow for a “high” intensity song.

Alrighty! So now that we got that out of the way let’s give you all some video previews of the awesome packs you can now play in DJ Hero 2!

Extended Mix Pack

David Guetta Mix Pack

Jay-Z vs. Eminem Mix Pack

DJ Hero Domination Pack

Dance Party Mix Pack

Assuming you didn’t already own all of this stuff already, what do you plan on getting?


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6 Responses to DJ Hero Downloadable Content Update Now Available!

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  2. PSPCOW says:

    Usher’s OMG is all I need…seeing as the Dance Party Mix is so incredibly bad (as in song selection). God, I hate GaGa, and I can’t buy the Rihanna and Pussycat Dolls tracks separately.

    Also have the David Guetta and the Extended packs….not planing to buy any more until the Linkin Park songs appear in DJ Hero.

    I like just about any type of music….except F$&@ING GAGA

  3. Jake says:

    That Wolfgang Gartner song looks pretty amazing from the Domination pack, looks pretty tough

  4. Shmoo says:

    Still have purchased zero DLC for DJ Hero, because of the stupid “must buy entire pack” limitation. If that ever changes, they’ll get about $30 from me. Otherwise, $0.

  5. A R says:

    I just bought DJ Hero 2 on the Wii, and I’m loving it! Quick Question, did this update ever become available for the wii?

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