The Hero Feed Exclusive! DJ Hero 2 Event Videos!

Thanks to Activision I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco to play DJ Hero 2 and also interview some of the people behind the game. As per usual I brought along my video camera and recorded some stuff you might find interesting.

Featured in the first video are a few familiar faces such as @evybabee (Evelyn Ng), @OneOfSwords (Dan Amrich), @SirJordanDodge, and @vVvMast3rBall3r.

I ask a hard hitting question as to why the most casual mode in the game is one of the most brutal for a casual player.

Enjoy and there is much MUCH more to come!

Part two consists of interviews with Creative Director Jamie Jackson (@Jnok77) , A sample of DJ Blakey’s (@BlakeyDJ) Real DJ skills, and finally an interview with DJ Qbert! (@DJQbert) Check it out!

COME ON WHERE’S THE GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE? Alright calm down.. Here is a nice little clip of @vVv_Fedora sharing his thoughts on DJ Hero 2 and then diving right into an intense battle with @evybabee on @DJQbert’s “Super Battle Breaks. Who will win? Watch to find out!

As well @vVv_Fedora discovers that some turntable decks have special powers? Hmm.. Hopefully we find out more about this soon.

The mix everyone wanted to hear… Kanye West vs. Metallica! @vVvMast3rBall3r and I face off in an epic battle while @vVv_Fedora tries to play by @sirjordandodge’s filming rules xD

Our final video which shows @vVvMast3rBall3r facing off against of @evybabee on The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” remixed by FreeStyleGames. It’s a tough one!


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  2. vVv Mast3r Ball3r says:

    Jeez, is that really what I sound like? And god I’m dark =( lol

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