THF Exclusive: First Information on Steve Ouimette’s Upcoming Album!

Real-life Guitar Hero, Steve Ouimette, who is best known for his ridiculous shredding in his re-imagining of Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, will finally be giving his fans what they’ve been clamoring for: a full-length instrumental album.

The best new is that the album isn’t just coming soon; it will be available for download on Tuesday, October 12th! You can grab it from iTunes and Amazon mp3 then, or if you want to have the physical CD/DVD combo (which includes some sweet instructional videos for his techniques), you can purchase it at your favorite retailer on October 26th.

Steve’s body of work expands far beyond the Guitar Hero franchise, for those that don’t know much past his work there. In addition to him being the go-to cover guy for the Guitar Hero series, he also is known for his spectacular guitar work for Red Steel 2 on the Wii. He also did every single cover on the notorious Rock Revolution game. He has also worked on various film scores.

If you can’t wait until Tuesday to pick up your copy of Steve’s album, EPIC, you can purchase some of his other music on iTunes now. His all acoustic EP, The Seattle Sessions, is available now, and you can be among the first to hear the new stuff by pre-ordering the album on iTunes so you download it as soon as it’s released.

We can tell you that the album is incredibly diverse. The tracks that we have been privileged enough to hear in advance were written with drastically different influences with plenty of the amazing guitar technique that we’ve come to love from Mr. Ouimette.

Also, be sure to check back early next week for an exclusive interview with Steve. We’ll be discussing the new album, his musical background and, of course, his involvement with the Guitar Hero series.

Below you can check out the full tracklist, which includes 10 all-new tracks, plus some of the favorites from the Guitar Hero series. Also, get a glimpse of the album through an exclusive debut trailer which shows us the metal side of the album.

EPIC Tracklist
1. “Speaking In Tongues”
2. “El Toro”
3. “Lou’s Revenge”
4. “I Saw God”
5. “Fear And Reverence”
6. “This Is Scorpion Gulch”
7. “The Divining Witch”
8. “Mr. Bones”
9. “Neverending Fog”
10. “A Dark Reversal”

Bonus Tracks (from Guitar Hero)
11. “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”
12. “We Three Kings”
13. “Dueling Banjos”
14. “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”

Exclusive Debut Trailer:

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7 Responses to THF Exclusive: First Information on Steve Ouimette’s Upcoming Album!

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  2. Game!Ov3r says:

    Maybe this is next weeks DLC as well? Just guessing.

    • DVD Smith says:

      I hope not, then Wii won’t get it.

      This is awesome, day 1 purchase.

      • Game!Ov3r says:

        I think GH is finding ways to work around the no free DLC thing… Once they get the Metallica thing worked out, maybe we will start seeing Freebies come our Wii way.

  3. Josh says:

    It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say so…Ouimette is awesome, so this is DEFINTELY a good album to pick up!

  4. zomg bbq says:

    This is probably next weeks attack against Hendrix then.

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