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GHTunes Keeps The Party Going

If you follow @TheHeroFeed on twitter you may have noticed a tweet last week linking to a thread on Scorehero full of GHTunes songs to try.

GHTunes is an often lambasted feature of Guitar Hero games due to the incredible amount of patience and effort it takes to make a song that actually sounds good combined with the fact the MIDI samples still don’t sound anywhere near as good as an actual guitar.… Read More

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Guitar Hero: DLC Playthrough – 4/12 “The Final DLC”

This month sees the final release of downloadable content for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. The three packs released give us 10 additional songs into the Guitar Hero DLC library from bands: Paramore, Madina Lake, Middle Class Rut, and Darkest Hour.… Read More

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Amazon.com Deal: DJ Hero 2 Wii Bundle, Warriors of Rock Guitar Bundle for Wii – $60

In a holiday week that is full of deals, it’s really difficult for the various vendors and stores to stand out above the rest of the deal-making competitors. One has definitely caught our eye today, however.

Amazon.com, who has become known for their amazing deals over the past several years, just announced via their Twitter page that the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar Bundle, as well as the DJ Hero 2 Turntable Bundle for the Wii will be only $59.99 as a part of their daily Gold Box Deals.… Read More

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The Hero Feed Exclusive! DJ Hero 2 Event Videos!

Thanks to Activision I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco to play DJ Hero 2 and also interview some of the people behind the game. As per usual I brought along my video camera and recorded some stuff you might find interesting.… Read More

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New Warriors of Rock Wii features revealed!

Sure, sometimes the Wii owners get shafted on multiplatform games, but it looks like Vicarious Visions is doing everything they can to level the playing field. Activision today released a brand new video detailing a few of the new features that will be exclusive to the Nintendo console.

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Guitar Hero kicks off September with a 6 Pack of ROCK

Fight Song next plz.

Staying up till 5:00 AM EDT seems to have paid off as the Xbox Live Marketplace is now showing a 6 Pack of ROCK!

This pack has songs from Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, Faith No More, Orgy, Godsmack, and Papa Roach.Read More

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