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Screenshot from Scrapped Guitar Hero 7 Surfaces on Twitter


Been awhile Guitar Hero fans but there’s a reason we are writing an article today.

24 minutes ago Tamaki (@Doctor_Cupcakes) from Unseen64.net began sharing information from Vicarious Visions scrapped Guitar Hero 7 project.

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The Guitar Hero We Almost Had…

It’s been just over two years since the last Guitar Hero game was released, and almost a year since TheHeroFeed has had anything relating to the series to discuss.

Until today.

An anonymous source at Vicarious Visions decided to talk to @Kotaku about exactly, what Guitar Hero 7 was shaping up to be, before the plug was pulled on February 9th, 2011.… Read More

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Activision Potentially Ends Guitar Hero and DJ Hero

According to their earnings call, Activision has announced significant layoffs at various studios, including FreeStyle Games (DJ Hero developer) and Vicarious Visions (the new Guitar Hero developer).

They also announced the cancellations of numerous projects, including any Hero IP’s that were previously scheduled in 2011.… Read More

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Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero (Part I)

It's hard to believe, but it's been five years since the plastic instrument genre was created for home consoles with the original Guitar Hero. Since November 8th, 2005, players have shredded their way through over 735 unique guitar charts spread across 13 different discs for the main consoles and several hundred others stemming from downloadable content. That's not even counting the endless custom tracks and GHTunes songs.
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iPhone DLC: Foo Fighters and Spoon!

The iPhone DLC keeps coming!

We should be used to this by now but out of nowhere two packs from @foofighters and @spoontheband have shown up on the Guitar Hero iPhone in-game store.

Damn it feels good to own an iPhone (or iPad).… Read More

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Guitar Hero iPhone DLC – Anberlin Pack

Ooops! Looks like Guitar Hero iPhone got some DLC while we weren’t paying attention.

Anberlin who are featured in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock with their song “Feel Good Drag” are making an appearance on the iPhone platform with two other songs:

“We Owe This To Ourselves” and “To The Wolves”

This game sure gets some great DLC!… Read More

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New Warriors of Rock Wii features revealed!

Sure, sometimes the Wii owners get shafted on multiplatform games, but it looks like Vicarious Visions is doing everything they can to level the playing field. Activision today released a brand new video detailing a few of the new features that will be exclusive to the Nintendo console.

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