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Acai28 Pierces the Veil with Veteran footage of King For A Day

There’s been a mixed reaction to the initial announcement of Guitar Hero Live and the ones that followed from passionate score chasers that inhabit the catacombs of Scorehero.com

When @GuitarHero announced that they would have a playable demo at SDCC, one Scorehero member, Acai28 decided to see for himself what GH Live was all about.… Read More

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GHTunes Keeps The Party Going

If you follow @TheHeroFeed on twitter you may have noticed a tweet last week linking to a thread on Scorehero full of GHTunes songs to try.

GHTunes is an often lambasted feature of Guitar Hero games due to the incredible amount of patience and effort it takes to make a song that actually sounds good combined with the fact the MIDI samples still don’t sound anywhere near as good as an actual guitar.… Read More

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Scorehero Season 12 Leagues Finalized (Sign Ups till Jan 29th)

Scorehero recently announced that they will indeed be having their annual league for both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero along with other games that aren’t featured on our website.

“…As something to look forward to, we’ll be starting up a new season of ScoreHero leagues to kickoff 2011 focusing mainly on new releases, GHWoR and RB3, along with some new fun league ideas.

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Dave Mustaine plays “Sudden Death” ON A PLASTIC GUITAR

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Brian Marvin, and Randy Guilotte (Neversoft) shred the plastar together

When I was invited to the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock event in San Francisco I was of course incredibly excited.

Nothing could have prepared me though when an Activision Representative calmly walked over to us while playing on stage and said:

“So… I’ve been told Dave Mustaine is coming tonight and we want you guys to play Sudden Death for him”


Of course the first thing we did is scrolled directly to Sudden Death to practice (myself being on vocals).… Read More

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vVv_mDaWg Gives His Thoughts on Freestyle Sections in DJ Hero 2

Can you beat vVv_mDaWg in a battle?

I’ve had a few people ask me if I was able to figure out how to obtain an A letter grade overall and in each section. I will do my best to try and explain how I have managed to consistently get an A across all freestyle types.… Read More

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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock In Store Demo Spotted!

Yes... Muse is in the demo.

Thanks to wonderful people at the Scorehero forums we can now confirm that not only is there a Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock demo but it has a whopping SIX SONGS included.

However this isn’t a demo like previous games such as Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero where you are dropped into party play.… Read More

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