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Guitar Hero discounts more classic DLC in time for October

DLC sales are back for the Hero series, and this time, Activision isn’t holding back on the difficulty. Unfortunately for PlayStation 3 players, however, this one will only take place on Xbox Live.

This month will see the oft-requested DragonForce Track Pack for Guitar Hero III go on sale for 50% off, while full band-ers will be able to enjoy the likes of the Metal Track Pack, which contains Dethklok, Amon Amarth and Shadows Fall, and the Rocktober Track Pack, which brings songs from My Chemical Romance, Disturbed and Muse.… Read More

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More Hero DLC gets discounted 50% on Xbox 360 and PS3

The trend of discounted Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC continues today with more 50% off deals. This time, however, it’ll be for more than just Xbox players reaping the benefits of the sale. That’s right, for the first time ever, the sale will be featured on PlayStation Network as well as Xbox Live.… Read More

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Guitar Hero III is #1 in All-Time U.S. Sales

For some reason, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is getting all kinds of recognition right about now. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the media is reminiscing upon the “end” of the franchise, or maybe it’s just that the game was more successful than anyone could’ve ever imagined and it’s destined to haunt us forever.… Read More

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Warriors of Rock sells less than 100,000 in US

We may have loved the latest installment of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, but the title’s favoritism towards the hardcore players didn’t seem to pay off for Activision, as reports are coming out that the title sold less than 100,000 copies (see: 86,000) in the United States during its first week of release.… Read More

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RockBandParts.com announces huge drums sale

RockBandParts.com, a site that, despite it’s name, carries equipment for ALL music games, has announced that they are holding a big sale that will be sure to please those that are looking to up their drum game.

Most of the deals are geared towards the ION Drum Rocker kits, but some of the deals definitely are going to make those that are looking to upgrade a current kit as well.… Read More

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