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Guitar Hero Live Review: Running Through Six Buttons with No Woes

I’m sitting here typing this, and it’s surreal.

Today a new Guitar Hero comes out, and as drastically different as it’s become, I still get that feeling from 2005 when I first started playing.

This is dumb, they should have put eight buttons (two rows of four)

Before you adapt that line of thinking, you should probably try the game.… Read More

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DJ Hero 2 Reviews at a Glimpse

Warriors of Rock received a bit of a harsh treatment from the critics, but it looks like they are being a little bit nicer to the next iteration of the DJ Hero franchise.

There seems to be pretty universal acclaim for DJ Hero 2, with the biggest praise being directed at the improvements on the engine, new additions, and the fantastic setlist.… Read More

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Review: DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero is back to mix it up with some new innovations to further perfect the experience of being a fake plastic DJ.

DJ Hero came out in a turbulent time for Westernized Rhythm Gaming. A time when Activision gave us way too many Guitar Hero games to play (Metallica, Smash Hits, 5, Band Hero, and Van Halen) and Harmonix reintroduced the world to The Beatles.… Read More

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Review: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar Controller

The stock wings included with the guitar controller

After Guitar Hero 5 used a pretty similar design to that of the World Tour guitar, Activision decided to do the most drastic redesign in series history with its guitar controller.

Now, much like the game it accompanies, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the guitar controller doesn’t innovate as much as it perfects.… Read More

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Review: The You Rock Guitar

The You Rock Guitar is, without a doubt, one of the most hyped peripherals to ever grace the music video game genre. With the promise of not only the most realistic Guitar Hero/Rock Band controller of all-time, but a fully-functional digital guitar as well, fans of both real and fake instruments have been incredibly curious since it was announced.… Read More

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