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Activision begins Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC sales

Activision has given us the scoop that it’s hoping to give players the chance to catch up on some of the DLC they may have missed over the years. With that mission in mind, the publisher is putting some of the most popular tracks spanning both series on sale.… Read More

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Guitar Hero Celebrates Grammy Nominations with Free Download of “Black Rain”

Megadeth and Soundgarden, two of the most prominent artists in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, were recently nominated for Grammy Awards and the party will include all fans of Guitar Hero.

In light of these nominations, Soundgarden’s “Black Rain”, which was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance, and Megadeth’s “Sudden Death”, which is up for Best Metal Performance, Guitar Hero will be making “Black Rain” available to each of their over 2 million fans on Facebook.… Read More

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Deal: Select Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC 50% Off on Xbox Live!

If you missed out on the following DLC Packs for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 now is the time to catch up with this awesome sale going on from January 11th-17th only on Xbox Live!

Guitar Hero:

Avenged Sevenfold Track Pack – 220 MSP
Disturbed Track Pack – 220 MSP
Fall Out Boy Track Pack – 220 MSP
GH:WoR Pack 01 – 800 MSP
Linkin Park Pack – 480 MSP
Megadeth Track Pack – 220 MSP
My Chemical Romance Pack – 300 MSP
Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack – 220 MSP
Rock Pack 01 – 440 MSP
Soundgarden Telephantasm Album – 720 MSP

Songs in italic will work in earlier games such as Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero

DJ Hero:

Hit Makers Mix Pack – 320 MSP

Electro Hits Mix Pack – 320 MSP

Jay-Z vs.Read More

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Rock Out to Sudden Death!

Without all the missed notes this time!

Roadrunner Records has just posted the full mixed track in all it’s shredtastic glory. So enjoy and maybe even buy the track on  iTunes for when you aren’t playing it on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock!… Read More

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First FC of “Sudden Death” on guitar achieved by UKOGmonkey!

Wow! That was fast! You may have caught a glimpse of “Sudden Death”, the final challenge in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on the “un-FC’d” list for a second or two there, but UKOGmonkey made sure people in the US have no shot at being the first to full combo it on expert guitar.… Read More

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Dave Mustaine plays “Sudden Death” ON A PLASTIC GUITAR

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Brian Marvin, and Randy Guilotte (Neversoft) shred the plastar together

When I was invited to the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock event in San Francisco I was of course incredibly excited.

Nothing could have prepared me though when an Activision Representative calmly walked over to us while playing on stage and said:

“So… I’ve been told Dave Mustaine is coming tonight and we want you guys to play Sudden Death for him”


Of course the first thing we did is scrolled directly to Sudden Death to practice (myself being on vocals).… Read More

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Here Come The Videos!

we has your videos

The videos are popping up on YouTube of various Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock charts.

Keep coming back to this page as we post all the latest charts and share your impressions with us!

First up it’s Fury of The Storm by Dragonforce on Expert Guitar!… Read More

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Get a Glimpse of Megadeth’s “Sudden Death” in Warriors of Rock

Photo: Brian Shea

A “severe ass-kicking” is what Dave Mustaine hopes that his new Megadeth track, “Sudden Death” will offer up to even the most seasoned of Guitar Hero vets. The new trailer released by Activision features an interview with the legendary metal-god, where he discusses his recording and releasing of the Guitar Hero-exclusive track.… Read More

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