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GHTV Update for 3/8: 2003 and Women Who Rock


Better late than never, eh? This week’s GHTV update brings us two new premium shows, one of them continuing the Rock the Ages series with this entry focusing on 2003, and the other one all about Women Than Rock, presumably for International Women’s Day.… Read More

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Guitar Hero: Live reveals more classic tracks!


It’s #TracklistTues… wait, it’s not Tuesday! Yes, that’s right, it’s a special #TracklistFriday today! The reveal for this week should definitely satisfy the people who feel that Guitar Hero: Live is currently a bit light on the classic songs. FIVE of this week’s tracks are from the 80s, one is from the 70s, one is VERY early 90s, one is an awesome late 90s campfire song, and the rest are all pretty big tracks from the 00s.… Read More

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Sure They Tossed Some Guitars in a Volcano- but How is That Setlist?

We got Clapton nyah nyah

It’s no secret that for awhile now the Western Rhythm Gaming world has been dominated by Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Every once in awhile a new competitor comes along which causes a majority of the community to scoff as it sells poorly and is discarded into the bargain bin.… Read More

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