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One Day GameStop Deal: Buy 1, Get 2 Free

When a genre suffers a bit of a falling out, the plus side is that is that deals galore come our way. There haven’t been many for the Guitar Hero franchise this holiday season, but if you missed out on the big #GHSwag giveaway a couple months back, now’s your shot to get your hands on some of the games you may not have already.… Read More

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Guitar Hero “Live Events” mentioned on Twitter

The Guitar Hero brand may be on hiatus for 2011, but it looks like 2012 will, at the very least, hold some news for the franchise.

According to a tweet on the official Guitar Hero Twitter account, Activision will be holding “2012 live events” for the franchise.… Read More

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Bobby Kotick Talks Hero Failure in Latest Interview

Forbes.com has published an interview with Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick. The interview touched on innovation, and learning from mistakes of the past. One passage in particular struck a chord with us, as Kotick discussed the progression of Guitar Hero in relation to the topic at hand.… Read More

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Activision Publishing CEO Talks About the Future of Guitar Hero

We already know all about Activision’s cancellation of numerous products, including our favorite franchises with the word “Hero” in them, but Eric Hirshberg, Activision Publishing CEO, recently spoke with Joystiq to delve deeper into the underlying reasons why multiple series were so abruptly put on hiatus.… Read More

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E3 Rumor: Guitar Hero Returning on Wii U

Look, we know that Guitar Hero has been pretty much smacked down for an undetermined period of time, but a new report is that Activision is planning to bring the series back at the latest on Nintendo’s freshly revealed console, the Wii U.… Read More

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FreeStyleGames to Remain Open

After the grim news that the DJ Hero and Guitar Hero franchises were being put on hiatus and their business units disbanded, we were all but sure that FreeStyleGames, the developer of DJ Hero, would be among the causalities. Luckily, news has come today that they will not be shut down by Activision.… Read More

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Guitar Hero Announcement at E3 or PAX Prime?

We know the news has been a little slow since the announcement that Guitar Hero and DJ Hero would be on hiatus until further notice, but according to a cryptic response to a tweet sent by yours truly, we may have more news coming soon.… Read More

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Eric Hirshberg: Call of Duty is not Guitar Hero

Don’t you adore it when a franchise you love is not only put on hiatus, but also reduced to nothing more than a cautionary tale for that same company’s blockbuster first person shooter franchise? Well that appears to be what has happened with Activision.… Read More

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