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Next wave of DLC discounts includes Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and more!

With the last set of DLC sales coming to an end, Activision has announced what will be receiving the 50% off treatment for the next month.

While last month’s impressive list of artists featured the likes of Velvet Revolver, The Rolling Stones and My Chemical Romance, this month’s grabs some of the biggest names of the past 30 years of rock and roll, including an exclusive full album that released alongside Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.… Read More

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In-Depth Guide: How to make faithful cover songs in GHTunes

A guest guide by Deon Herbin AKA Deon101

What do I need to make cover songs?

  • Guitar Pro
  • Tabs (Tabs are all over the internet, but I use Ultimate-Guitar.com for my tabs. There are many songs that have no tabs for them so you will either have to wait, request, or transcribe the song)
  • A basic understanding of music theory (More on this later)

Where Do I start?

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Best Buy Deal: Warriors of Rock Super Bundle for $30

We’re going to keep this brief in the interest of publishing this as quickly as possible, but in addition to GameStop’s awesome Buy 1, Get 2 free deal, it’s looking like Best Buy has an equally as intriguing deal going on today.… Read More

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November 2011 Community Night Recap

It may be hard to believe, but we’re already through our third #GHComm Guitar Hero community night. Just as a recap, all you had to do in order to be entered to win the prizes listed below was to play online during the given times, and tweet #GHComm during the event!… Read More

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September 2011 Community Night Recap

The first cooperative Guitar Hero community night with TheHeroFeed and Activision proved to be a huge success! During the three night run, we encountered players from at least three different continents, who spoke multiple languages. Regardless of where they were from, players consistently impressed us with not only their ability to shred the plastic guitar, but also their overall friendliness.… Read More

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UPDATE: Guitar Hero/DJ Hero Bundles Clearanced at Sears and Toys ‘R’ Us

Sure, it sucks when a series you love goes on hiatus, but with over-saturation and brand fallout comes a silver lining: excellent clearance sales on the remaining merchandise. That’s just what’s happening at a couple of nationwide retailers at this very moment.… Read More

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Amazon Features Hero Titles in Today’s Goldbox Deals

While Memorial Day is all about celebrating the true heroes, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the other kind of Hero as well. That’s just what Amazon hopes to do as they will offer some great deals for those that have yet to pick up the latest titles in the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises.… Read More

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GHTunes Keeps The Party Going

If you follow @TheHeroFeed on twitter you may have noticed a tweet last week linking to a thread on Scorehero full of GHTunes songs to try.

GHTunes is an often lambasted feature of Guitar Hero games due to the incredible amount of patience and effort it takes to make a song that actually sounds good combined with the fact the MIDI samples still don’t sound anywhere near as good as an actual guitar.… Read More

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