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New Guitar Hero to be announced this week?

You may have been watching on twitter when Gamereactor.eu posted an article pretty much stating that we will find out about Activision’s next installment in the Guitar Hero franchise on April 1st, 2015. Great date to reveal it right?   Activision … Continue reading

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FreeStyleGames is working on the next Guitar Hero

  UPDATE: February 24th, 2015: Kotaku UK further confirming there is a new GH in development, typical E3 2015 prediction.   UPDATE: October 31st, 2014: ShackNews posted an update corroborating our previous information from the anonymous (but trusted) source. UPDATE … Continue reading

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The Guitar Hero We Almost Had…

It’s been just over two years since the last Guitar Hero game was released, and almost a year since TheHeroFeed has had anything relating to the series to discuss. Until today. An anonymous source at Vicarious Visions decided to talk … Continue reading

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DJ Hero: Beats and Pieces Expert 100% FC

I think I remember saying that DJ Hero will never be 100% FCd on expert mostly because of Groundhog and Beats and Pieces, well turns out I was wrong, in so many ways. Damn you Kristoph why have you made … Continue reading

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Activision announces first in series of Guitar Hero tournaments

After it was briefly mentioned on Twitter and Facebook, the official Guitar Hero Twitter account has announced the first in a long line of Guitar Hero/DJ Hero “live events.” The events look to correspond not only with larger festivals across … Continue reading

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December 2011 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

We’re back already! We’re going with a quick turn-around this time! This time, the Guitar Hero Community Nights with TheHeroFeed and Activision are going to be happening on a short rest. Now, it’s time to get out our 80’s headbands out… that’s right! This time around, we’re playing Guitar Hero: Van Halen! Continue reading

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November 2011 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

Join TheHeroFeed and Activision as we come together to mix and shred during our monthly community night! Prizes are going to be given away and all you have to do to with them is party with us online one night and tweet about it! Prizes this time around include DJ Hero 2 party bundles and a secret grand prize from Activision itself! Continue reading

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Guitar Hero Giveaway Extravaganza!!!

Guitar Hero is not gone forever. That much has been made clear. So without any new games coming out this year, how are you supposed to stay interested in the franchise while Activision works to innovate enough to warrant a … Continue reading

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