Here’s where we’ll attempt to answer some of the more common questions we get from the community and the visitors of this site. We’ll be adding to this more and more as the questions keep on rolling in!

Who are you guys?
We’re a group of guys who work hand-in-hand with RockBandAide to give you the other side of things. We’ve had varying degrees of experience in journalism, from writing for papers and national editions of news sites to running other sites to hosting podcasts. If you need to know more about us, check out our “About the Site” section for information on each staff member (plus you can see what we look like!).

How did you come up with the idea for this site?

Brian had actually been talking with Tommy from RockBandAide about starting a sister site focused on Guitar Hero for quite some time. Brian had been writing for the Examiner.com National Edition for about 9 months at the time and was really ready to move on from it. After about a month of talking, the hype for Warriors of Rock was bigger than ever and we finally decided to put these plans into action. Elliott had coincidentally also been talking to Tommy about it, so we came together to create the site. The site was designed to be similar to RockBandAide, while creating its own identity.

How did you get your name, and are you the “Hero Feed” that appears in Guitar Hero?

No, we aren’t that “Hero Feed.” It’s a funny story, actually. Elliott actually came up with the name “Guitar Hero Fanboy,” but after much deliberation we collectively decided that would just end up attracting Rock Band fanboys and pissing off Activision. Elliott and I agreed on “TheHeroFeed” and began designing the site immediately.

Unfortunately, one day after we launched the site, Activision revealed the name of their Guitar Hero/DJ Hero social network link as “Hero Feed,” so our plans to not anger Activision had apparently failed. We anxiously awaited our cease and desist order from Activision, but luckily they decided to not sue us. Not only did Activision not sue us, but they have developed a nice working relationship with us; but that’s all our relationship is. We remain completely independent (aside from the joint community nights and prizes provided by Activision).

Can I get an article for my accomplishment?
We’ve got our finger continually on the pulse of the Guitar Hero/DJ Hero communities, but we can’t catch them all. So if you’ve got an achievement that you think deserves recognition, feel free to send us a link on Twitter. Keep in mind we can’t highlight them all, since we want to focus on news/editorials and not have every story be about the achievements of the community, but we do want to give recognition where recognition is due.

Also, lobbying over and over again to the point of annoying us will decrease your chances in getting an article dedicated to you. You provide the link to the video, we’ll do the choosing from there.

Why did my comment get deleted?
We want our readers to comment on the articles. In fact, we read each and every comment you guys leave us, but if you find your comment has gone missing, there are a couple of scenarios that could have occurred.

1) Our spam filter caught it. We try to check the spam filter every so often and pass through the legit comments caught in the skimmer, but some will unfortunately be collateral damage. Trust us, you don’t want us to turn off our spam filter, as we get approximately 100+ spam comments per day on the site.

2) Your comment just simply strayed from the topic. Look, we’re pretty lenient and we want our readers to get their voices heard, but if you’re asking what our opinions are about God of War III in the comments section of an article about DJ Hero 2’s DLC, you’re comment will likely vanish quicker than Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety.

How do I get a picture next to my comments on the site?
If you don’t want that same generic icon to appear by your comment every time you leave us something, it’s actually a really easy fix. Simply go to Gravatar, which is a global avatar generator, meaning it will also work on Rock Band Aide and some of your other favorite sites, and create an account. From there, all you have to do is link whatever e-mail address(es) that you use to comment on our site to the picture you want to use. Then, whenever you leave a comment, your picture will appear next to your name. It should even change all your previous comments (given you used the same e-mail address)! We told you it was easy!

Can I contribute something to the site?
Sure! We’re definitely not against having a guest writer every now and then! If you were able to participate in something unique related to Guitar Hero or DJ Hero, we’d love to hear about your experience. Again, get in touch with us on Twitter and we’ll be glad to hear you out!

How do I get in touch with the site staff?
There’s a few ways you can do this. The first, and most obvious way, is through our Twitter account. If you have another question, feel free to ask us on FormSpring, by using the widget on the right side of the screen on every page! We answer all questions and post them on our Twitter account, so ask away!

Do you guys play other games aside from Guitar Hero and DJ Hero?
Do we?! If you catch us on Xbox Live, Wii WiFi or Playstation Network, chances are we ARE playing something else. You’ll probably even catch us playing a Rock Band game! We’re equal opportunity gamers and we all have impressive game libraries full of hit titles to prove it.

What is Hyperspeed and is it a cheat?
Hyperspeed makes the note charts come at you at a much faster rate. Why would this be considered a cheat that makes the game easier? Well, with the notes more spaced out, players can more easily differentiate the notes, therefore making it easier for them to rely on their reflexes, rather than their skills alone. That’s not to say that some players prefer Hyperspeed to be off. Many people don’t like the increased scroll speed, and therefore prefer it to be off.

As far as whether it is considered a “cheat” or not was up for debate until Neversoft actually came out and said it is NOT a cheat code. If you’re still a little unsure of this, think of it as a “scroll speed” setting rather than a switch you can throw.

What does “FC” stand for?
FC means “Full Combo”. Simply put, it’s hitting ALL of the notes in a song without breaking the combo. This means no over-strumming on guitar/bass and no over-hitting on drums. Sound tough? Well that’s why we highlight the more impressive ones on the site!

What Guitar Hero Discs Import? How Much? What System, Etc?

69 / 85 tracks from Guitar Hero 5 — 480 MS Points / $5.99 NA PS3 / 600 Wii Points

61 / 65 tracks from Band Hero — 400 MS Points / $4.99 NA PS3 / 500 Wii Points

35 / 86 tracks from Guitar Hero: World Tour — 280 MS Points / $3.49 NA PS3 / 350 Wii Points

21 / 48 tracks from Guitar Hero: Smash Hits — 160 MS Points / $1.99 NA PS3 / 200 Wii Points
39 / 49 tracks from Guitar Hero: Metallica — 480 MS Points / $5.99 / 600 Wii Points

Who made what “Hero” game?

Harmonix developed: Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s and Guitar Hero 2 (Xbox360)

Neversoft developed: Guitar Hero 3, World Tour, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Beenox developed: Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (Greatest Hits in EU) and has taken over DLC since Classic Rock Pack 03 (Press Release)

Underground Development gave us Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Vicarious Visions developed: Guitar Hero On Tour, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits, Band Hero DS. They are also rumoured to be taking over the Guitar Hero franchise for the assumed Guitar Hero 7

FreeStyleGames develops DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2 and the rumoured DJ Hero 3.

Wait, you’re a website devoted to Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Why are you covering Rocksmith news?!

As you may know, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero are currently on hiatus, which puts us in a somewhat difficult spot. We had a distinct choice to make this past February, when Activision announced they were canceling all 2011 Hero titles: close the site outright, or keep it open for the community. Obviously, we decided to do the latter, which meant fewer updates for the time being, but it also allowed us to cover other games.

This is nothing new for us. While we’ve always dedicated more time to Guitar Hero and DJ Hero, we’ve kind of devoted ourselves to covering sort of anything that falls under the “plastic instrument” video game genre, except for Rock Band and Dance Central (which technically doesn’t even fall under that genre). You may remember that amidst all of the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock hype, we still took time to cover Power Gig: Rise of the SixString. That same principle applies to Rocksmith (even though we’re really really hoping Rocksmith turns out better than Power Gig!).

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