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Slash was “completely f***ing obsessed” with Guitar Hero

The beginning of the end, as Slash grabs his launch-day copy of Guitar Hero III

We all knew Slash was a true “Legend of Rock” before he appeared in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock as a playable character, but apparently his aspirations stretched beyond being a real rock star.… Read More

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The great October 2011 #GHSwag giveaway

The time has come, everyone! We announced earlier that we’ll be handing out free Guitar Hero games, instruments, and all kinds of swag to our participants in the October 2011 Guitar Hero Community Night, and now it’s time to make good on that promise.… Read More

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October 2011 Community Night Recap

Well, here we are with TheHeroFeed and Activision Community Night #2 in the books, and the only way we possibly could describe the weekend would be in one word: successful. After axemen across the globe let us know that the Guitar Hero community was alive and well in September, this weekend solidified it as a community that is desperate for more.… Read More

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Guitar Hero Giveaway Extravaganza!!!

Guitar Hero is not gone forever.

That much has been made clear. So without any new games coming out this year, how are you supposed to stay interested in the franchise while Activision works to innovate enough to warrant a comeback tour?… Read More

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