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FreeStyleGames to Remain Open

After the grim news that the DJ Hero and Guitar Hero franchises were being put on hiatus and their business units disbanded, we were all but sure that FreeStyleGames, the developer of DJ Hero, would be among the causalities. Luckily, news has come today that they will not be shut down by Activision.… Read More

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Amazon Features Hero Titles in Today’s Goldbox Deals

While Memorial Day is all about celebrating the true heroes, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the other kind of Hero as well. That’s just what Amazon hopes to do as they will offer some great deals for those that have yet to pick up the latest titles in the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises.… Read More

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GHTunes Keeps The Party Going

If you follow @TheHeroFeed on twitter you may have noticed a tweet last week linking to a thread on Scorehero full of GHTunes songs to try.

GHTunes is an often lambasted feature of Guitar Hero games due to the incredible amount of patience and effort it takes to make a song that actually sounds good combined with the fact the MIDI samples still don’t sound anywhere near as good as an actual guitar.… Read More

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Guitar Hero Announcement at E3 or PAX Prime?

We know the news has been a little slow since the announcement that Guitar Hero and DJ Hero would be on hiatus until further notice, but according to a cryptic response to a tweet sent by yours truly, we may have more news coming soon.… Read More

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Throwback Thursday: Black Sabbath Track Pack

Let me say this: not many people like Black Sabbath more than I do. In fact, I’d put them in my top five bands of all-time. In addition to my love for the band and their music, they also happen to work incredibly well within the band video game formula.… Read More

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Throwback Thursday: Alpha Rev – Facedown

It’s Thursday again and time for the weekly¬†Thursday Throwback feature!

This week we’re focusing on one of the songs from the “Alternative Pop Pack” which was released almost a year ago.

Despite their Disney branded influence “Face Down” is a fun song which translates well to almost all instruments (bass being the only one that’s a bit dull).… Read More

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