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The Hero DLC Continues!

We’re not sure if this is just to see what money can be made from already licensed and created tracks or simply due to the community support and demand, but DJ Hero and Guitar Hero have announced that they will be bringing more downloadable content soon.… Read More

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Opinion: The Future of Guitar Hero

Before the Hero series was “axed” (February 9th to be exact) I was writing this article about how the next incarnation of Guitar Hero might be improved. You’ll notice that I avoided the true solution to “save Guitar Hero” which is clearly to make a game with just Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and Slipknot songs.… Read More

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Former Red Octane CEO Accuses Activision of Franchise Abuse

Much of the community came out against Activision before they potentially ended the Guitar Hero franchise, but the news, which hit last week, seemed to set the media and game worlds ablaze with criticism on the way Activision handles their titles.… Read More

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DJ Hero: DLC 2/15 – Pendulum Mix Pack

Wait a second… DLC? For a “Hero” game? I welcome it with open arms, especially when it’s from the highly requested Pendulum!

Pendulum Mix Pack


Set Me On Fire

Salt In The Wound

640 MSP – XBL Marketplace

Thanks to @TheKingsy for spotting this!… Read More

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Guitar Hero Scheduled for Reunion Tour in 2012?

When Activision announced the “end” of the Guitar Hero franchise, we were skeptical to say the least. Why would a company completely destroy such a recognizable brand with no hope of return? Well, according to a rumor that is being let on by IGN’s Jack DeVries from Game Scoop podcast, the Guitar Hero franchise is taking more of a hiatus than anything.… Read More

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John Drake of Harmonix Issues Statement on Guitar Hero

John Drake, one of the most well-known personalities behind Harmonix, has issued an official statement regarding the news of Activision slamming the door shut on the Guitar Hero series.

The statement starts out appropriately sympathetic, giving best wishes to those that have lost their jobs, but it quickly changes pace after the first paragraph.… Read More

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FreeStyle Games “Working With” Activision

Activision has become somewhat notorious for their closing of studios, but it would seem that FreeStyle Games, developer behind DJ Hero, isn’t going down without a little bit of a fight.

According to a statement issued by David Osbourn, Jamie Jackson and Chris Lee of FreeStyle Games, the studio are currently exploring options for the future.… Read More

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No More DLC Coming After February

Well, we reported yesterday that Activision might have plans to continue to support Guitar Hero through DLC in the future, but now those rumors have been squashed and that silver lining has been darkened.

So what else is there to say?… Read More

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