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EpicBattleAxe Wants Your Steve Ouimette Questions!

Did you check out our interview with Guitar Hero legend Steve Ouimette? Pretty sweet, huh?

We covered everything from “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” to Dave Mustaine to his work on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, but if you felt it was lacking a particular question, now is your shot to make things right in your eyes!… Read More

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DJ Hero 2: Trance Anthems Mix Pack

While the news came out much to the chagrin of Guitar Hero fans everywhere that DLC would be monthly affair for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock @OneOfSwords failed to include DJ Hero 2 DLC in that equation.

Late last night one of DJ Hero’s more prolific PS3 players “maxninja114” posted information that a friend of his had seen an “unknown pack” in the music store for Wii DJ Hero 2.… Read More

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Guitar Hero Celebrates Grammy Nominations with Free Download of “Black Rain”

Megadeth and Soundgarden, two of the most prominent artists in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, were recently nominated for Grammy Awards and the party will include all fans of Guitar Hero.

In light of these nominations, Soundgarden’s “Black Rain”, which was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance, and Megadeth’s “Sudden Death”, which is up for Best Metal Performance, Guitar Hero will be making “Black Rain” available to each of their over 2 million fans on Facebook.… Read More

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Deal: Select Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC 50% Off on Xbox Live!

If you missed out on the following DLC Packs for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 now is the time to catch up with this awesome sale going on from January 11th-17th only on Xbox Live!

Guitar Hero:

Avenged Sevenfold Track Pack – 220 MSP
Disturbed Track Pack – 220 MSP
Fall Out Boy Track Pack – 220 MSP
GH:WoR Pack 01 – 800 MSP
Linkin Park Pack – 480 MSP
Megadeth Track Pack – 220 MSP
My Chemical Romance Pack – 300 MSP
Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack – 220 MSP
Rock Pack 01 – 440 MSP
Soundgarden Telephantasm Album – 720 MSP

Songs in italic will work in earlier games such as Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero

DJ Hero:

Hit Makers Mix Pack – 320 MSP

Electro Hits Mix Pack – 320 MSP

Jay-Z vs.Read More

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Scorehero Season 12 Leagues Finalized (Sign Ups till Jan 29th)

Scorehero recently announced that they will indeed be having their annual league for both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero along with other games that aren’t featured on our website.

“…As something to look forward to, we’ll be starting up a new season of ScoreHero leagues to kickoff 2011 focusing mainly on new releases, GHWoR and RB3, along with some new fun league ideas.

Read More
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FireHero Brings New Meaning to “Through the Fire and Flames”

In what may be the most epic use of a Guitar Hero controller ever, Chris Marion has hooked his plastic SG to a set of propane tanks to pretty much put the Rock Band Stage Kit to shame. Admittedly, it might be a little bit more expensive and dangerous than the Stage Kit, but hey, that’s the price you pay to rock!… Read More

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Guitar Hero DLC: January Mega Pack

For anyone that knows me (@toymachinesh) you should be no stranger to the fact that Nine Inch Nails is my favourite band. I still remember how excited I was when Rock Band had announced NIN’s debut rhythm gaming track would be The Hand That Feeds and later on the two NIN packs that followed.… Read More

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Slash Offers a Chance to Win Signed Guitar Hero!

As one of our very own contests closes, we’re here to tell you about a pretty cool contest that the top-hat-wearing guitar legend, Slash, is putting on. It turns out Mr. Hudson is giving away a Guitar Hero signed by none other than himself (we’re not sure which one, but we’re banking on it being Warriors of Rock).… Read More

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