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Guitar Hero DLC Wishlist – November 2010

Well it’s that little time lapse in between the last DLC week of the month and the forthcoming announcement that never seems to come when you expect it. Let’s look at last years DLC offering and build upon that. November … Continue reading

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Tiesto’s New Music Video *IS* DJ Hero 2

Activision just sent out a Press Release letting everyone know that Tiesto has decided to make Speed Rail (which appears in DJ Hero 2) a new single that you can get on iTunes now! As well the music video for … Continue reading

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DJ Hero 2 Reviews at a Glimpse

Warriors of Rock received a bit of a harsh treatment from the critics, but it looks like they are being a little bit nicer to the next iteration of the DJ Hero franchise. There seems to be pretty universal acclaim … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero DLC Playthrough – “Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack” – 10/26/10

When I heard that Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock was getting a three pack of Rocky Horror Picture show songs I was almost beside myself with antici- … pation. Finally it’s October 26th and I had the pleasure of joining … Continue reading

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Review: DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero is back to mix it up with some new innovations to further perfect the experience of being a fake plastic DJ. DJ Hero came out in a turbulent time for Westernized Rhythm Gaming. A time when Activision gave … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero: RHCP secret revealed through… Rock Band 3?

We’ll know soon enough, but early reports are saying that certain songs are MIA in Rock Band 3, particularly Soundgarden and Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. The Soundgarden songs would be for obvious reasoning if this turns out not to … Continue reading

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Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero (Part I)

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been five years since the plastic instrument genre was created for home consoles with the original Guitar Hero.

Since November 8th, 2005, players have shredded their way through over 735 unique guitar charts spread across 13 different discs for the main consoles and several hundred others stemming from downloadable content. That’s not even counting the endless custom tracks and GHTunes songs. Continue reading

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Contest: Win Jordan Dodge’s Box o’ Stuff!

I think it’s safe to say we all like free stuff? Well I know I do! So if you want this box of awesome stuff all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you’ll be … Continue reading

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