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Rocksmith Getting Bass Content Early!

Well it’s Tuesday, and every Tuesday we go to the Rocksmith Facebook page at around 1 PM EDT and wait to see the latest hint about next week’s DLC. Today however we got something different.

HOLY CRAP A PINTREST PAGE WHOOAAA- wait a second “big, awesome news” what could that be?… Read More

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Rocksmith Releases it’s first “Gear Pack” and it’s Heavy!

For those of you that don’t check the Xbox Live Marketplace at 5 AM every Tuesday we thought we’d let you know that Rocksmith has released it’s first (we assume of many) DLC Gear Packs. This one is focused on Heavy Metal and features the following:

  • The RSMP-12: A Custom high-gain amp and extended bass response 4×12 cabinet
  • The Caverb: a “cavernous” reverb pedal
  • The SicSicSicS: A Solo boost pedal
  • The Scooped: An active parametric EQ pedal

“Heavy Metal – Gear Pack” – XBL Download Link – 400 MSP  PSN Download Link ($5.00)

Rocksmith-Matt had this to say about the DLC release:

“Just to quickly clarify information, this gear pack is not only tones, but new gear.

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Rocksmith 1.02 Patch Released!

Today was the day Rocksmith players had been waiting for, patch day. Many of the requested fixes have been implemented but people still aren’t satisfied! Go figure…

Here are the patch notes from FaceBook:

1. The user is now able to select ‘Songs’ from the Multiplayer Post Play screen, allowing them to select a new song without having to re-calibrate the guitar each time

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Rocksmith Patch: What We Know

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If you check on any kind of discussion board or social media facet pertaining to Rocksmith you’re bound to run into a bunch of complaints. Some are console related, some are interface related, and some of them are made by people that don’t even own the game!… Read More

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