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Guitar Hero Live Review: Running Through Six Buttons with No Woes

I’m sitting here typing this, and it’s surreal. Today a new Guitar Hero comes out, and as drastically different as it’s become, I still get that feeling from 2005 when I first started playing. This is dumb, they should have put eight buttons … Continue reading

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Review: Power Gig: Rise of the SixString

Ever since 2007, the plastic instrument genre has been a two party system, much like the United States’ world of politics. And, similar to that world, a third party will every so often try to sneak in and grab a … Continue reading

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Review: DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero is back to mix it up with some new innovations to further perfect the experience of being a fake plastic DJ. DJ Hero came out in a turbulent time for Westernized Rhythm Gaming. A time when Activision gave … Continue reading

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