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New Guitar Hero to be announced this week?

You may have been watching on twitter when posted an article pretty much stating that we will find out about Activision’s next installment in the Guitar Hero franchise on April 1st, 2015. Great date to reveal it right?   Activision … Continue reading

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Screenshot from Scrapped Guitar Hero 7 Surfaces on Twitter

Been awhile Guitar Hero fans but there’s a reason we are writing an article today. 24 minutes ago Tamaki (@Doctor_Cupcakes) from began sharing information from Vicarious Visions scrapped Guitar Hero 7 project. First screenshot of the cancelled Guitar Hero 7. … Continue reading

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All Hero DLC will be removed after March 31, 2014

  If you haven’t bought the Phish pack for Guitar Hero yet, you’d better do it soon: Sad to say that the downloadable songs for the Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Band Hero games, and the Guitar Hero mobile game will no longer … Continue reading

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FreeStyleGames is working on the next Guitar Hero

  UPDATE: February 24th, 2015: Kotaku UK further confirming there is a new GH in development, typical E3 2015 prediction.   UPDATE: October 31st, 2014: ShackNews posted an update corroborating our previous information from the anonymous (but trusted) source. UPDATE … Continue reading

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The Guitar Hero We Almost Had…

It’s been just over two years since the last Guitar Hero game was released, and almost a year since TheHeroFeed has had anything relating to the series to discuss. Until today. An anonymous source at Vicarious Visions decided to talk … Continue reading

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February 2012 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

From the original announcement: When Guitar Hero was put on indefinite hiatus, we here at The Hero Feed had a decision to make. Do we put the site on indefinite hiatus as well, or do we continue strong with the … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero’s social media guy interviewed by vVv Gaming

With #GHComm continuing to speed ahead each and every month, the Guitar Hero brand name is starting to get back into the minds of gamers everywhere. That trend continues with the growth of the Activision-sponsored live Guitar Hero events that … Continue reading

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‘Hero for the Heart’ shoots to raise $5,000 for American Heart Association

There’s no doubt that using video games for charity is a noble cause, but when it also involves such a personal back-story for one rocker, supporting the event is a no-brainer. That’s just what’s happening with an upcoming event called … Continue reading

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