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Guitar Hero discounts more classic DLC in time for October

DLC sales are back for the Hero series, and this time, Activision isn’t holding back on the difficulty. Unfortunately for PlayStation 3 players, however, this one will only take place on Xbox Live.

This month will see the oft-requested DragonForce Track Pack for Guitar Hero III go on sale for 50% off, while full band-ers will be able to enjoy the likes of the Metal Track Pack, which contains Dethklok, Amon Amarth and Shadows Fall, and the Rocktober Track Pack, which brings songs from My Chemical Romance, Disturbed and Muse.… Read More

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Queen, Modern Rock and more DLC gets discounted

With a new month comes a new set of Guitar Hero DLC sales, and this time, the Hero brand will be celebrating the birthday of one of rock and roll’s most prolific singers, Freddie Mercury.

With that in mind, Guitar Hero will be discounting the Queen DLC pack for Guitar Hero World Tour, which contains one of Mercury’s most well-known performances in “We Are the Champions,” as well as one of the most popular Queen songs in “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “C-Lebrity,” a song off of Queen’s album with Paul Rodgers.… Read More

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More Hero DLC gets discounted 50% on Xbox 360 and PS3

The trend of discounted Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC continues today with more 50% off deals. This time, however, it’ll be for more than just Xbox players reaping the benefits of the sale. That’s right, for the first time ever, the sale will be featured on PlayStation Network as well as Xbox Live.… Read More

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Next wave of DLC discounts includes Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and more!

With the last set of DLC sales coming to an end, Activision has announced what will be receiving the 50% off treatment for the next month.

While last month’s impressive list of artists featured the likes of Velvet Revolver, The Rolling Stones and My Chemical Romance, this month’s grabs some of the biggest names of the past 30 years of rock and roll, including an exclusive full album that released alongside Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.… Read More

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July Guitar Hero DLC Sale Announced

The downloadable content sales continue through July, as Activision has announced that even more select Guitar Hero and DJ Hero song packs will see their prices drop temporarily.

This time around, the Guitar Hero packs will focus will be on legendary rockers, the band that has become the face of emo, and a pack that served as a challenge for all those who picked up the drumsticks when gameplay began.… Read More

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Guitar Hero/DJ Hero DLC sales continue

For those that missed out on last month’s DLC sale, fear not for Activision has started a second run of DLC sales featuring different tracks stretching from Guitar Hero III and DJ Hero to Guitar Hero 5 and DJ Hero 2.… Read More

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G4 names Guitar Hero II #96 Greatest Video Game of All-Time

G4 is in the middle of counting down its much-anticipated list of “Top 100 Video Games of All Time,” and Monday night’s first episode saw one of our favorite games making an early appearance. As G4 reached #96 on the list, narrator Nolan North announced that the game many people consider to be the pinnacle of the Guitar Hero series, Guitar Hero II, occupied that space.… Read More

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Activision begins Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC sales

Activision has given us the scoop that it’s hoping to give players the chance to catch up on some of the DLC they may have missed over the years. With that mission in mind, the publisher is putting some of the most popular tracks spanning both series on sale.… Read More

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