The Hero Feed is the culmination of over a decade of combined journalism experience in music and video games, as well as a shared love for the Guitar Hero series. You’ve watched as Rock Band Aide quickly became the #1 Rock Band site on the net, now watch as The Hero Feed, headed up by industry leaders Elliott Rudner (of Starpower Podcast), Brian Shea (of VideoGameWriters.com), and Frankie Castellano (Co-Host of Starpower Podcast and all around awesome guy) becomes the top Guitar Hero based destination.

We aren’t just covering Guitar Hero though! With a name like “The Hero Feed”, we’re going to be covering other titles in the “Hero” franchise such as DJ Hero and Band Hero, as well as any other “Heroes” that Activision decides to throw our way. We’ll be there with the top news, interviews, previews and reviews for the Hero franchises more in depth as anyone else out there. The new era of Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero coverage has begun!

About the Staff

Brian Shea – Guitar Hero Lead Editor
Baltimore, MD

Top 3 Music Game Achievements:
– Beating the original Endless Setlist on Expert Voxtar
– Five-Starring every song (including bonus) in Guitar Hero 2 for 360
– Beating “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” on Guitar Hero III

Brian Shea brings nearly a half-decade’s worth of industry insight to TheHeroFeed.com. Brian was a co-founder of UltimateRockGods.com, a site devoted to rock and roll, where he headed up the journalism side of the site, interviewing members of Boston, Alter Bridge, Korn, Dio and more. After three successful years, UltimateRockGods.com decided to close down, at which point Brian became a writer for Examiner.com covering Music Video Games for the National Edition.

He spent over a year in this role, but decided it was time to move on, at which point, he began talks with the admin team at RockBandAide.com, as well as Elliott Rudner, about starting a sister site focused on Guitar Hero. Brian brings his deep musical knowledge and years of industry insight to TheHeroFeed. Brian eventually left Examiner.com to help Jason Evangelho found VideoGameWriters.com

Contact Brian: Brian@TheHeroFeed.com or @BrianPShea on Twitter

Elliott Rudner – DJ Hero/Rocksmith Lead Editor

Toronto, ON (Canada)

Top 3 Music Game Achievements:
– Beating “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” on Guitar Hero III
– Playing Guitar Hero World Tour before you
– Playing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock before you

Elliott brings an obsession of all things Hero since its inception. He is known on ScoreHero for having way too many forum posts, on YouTube for having too many videos, and on Twitter for tweeting way too much. Whether he deserves all the attention is a discussion that comes up often. Haters gonna hate.

Contact Elliott: Elliott@TheHeroFeed.com or @toymachinesh on Twitter

Frankie Castellano – Contributor and Mayor of Awesometown

Lexington, KY

Top 3 Music Game Achievements:
– 2 front row seats & a limo ride to Rush from a GH2 tournament
– Being blessed with VIP status by Activision/Neversoft
– Beating “Panic Attack” on Expert drums

Contact FrankieB: FrankieB@TheHeroFeed.com or @FrankieBSH on Twitter

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    Anyone here can tell me where to get site needed to use the drumkit tuner midi adaptor? I need to adjust my kit [Wii/WT] to play VH and WT, but redoctane.com in instructions is not on the net anymore. Little Help?

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