Let the FC’s hit the floor!

We see it every time a new Guitar Hero or Rock Band game comes out; a race to be the first to achieve the tough full-combos.

More times than not, as is the case here, Danny Johnson (@DannyPh3nom), aka Guitar Hero Phenom, is the first to get the guitar FC’s. In this case, Danny was able to FC not one hard song on the Warriors of Rock setlist, but ALL of them. He, along with Nathan Lewis (@ace5993), were able to knock down each of the songs in Warriors of Rock to achieve the first full-game FC’s of arguably the toughest game in the series. You can check out Danny’s FC of “Sudden Death” below.

On the drum front, our old pal Steivan Johnson (@LegsLikePistonz) is up to his own antics, as he is knocking down some of the toughest FC’s in the game. He’s already the first to FC all of the Megadeth songs on Expert+, but now he’s going after some other difficult songs, like Nine Inch Nails’ “Wish”. He even recently FC’d the incredibly difficult “Raining Blood” on Guitar Hero: Smash Hits on Expert+.

You can check out Steivan’s “This Day We Fight” FC under Danny’s “Sudden Death” video.

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10 Responses to Let the FC’s hit the floor!

  1. OzzyOzrock says:

    1 FC! Nothing wrong with me.
    2 FCS! Nothing wrong with me…
    GH:WOR FGFC! Something’s wrong with me…

  2. Cactaur says:

    Ugh, I’m so tired of people saying that the game has the entire 2112 album. That is not true. 2112 is the first track on the album (yes one whole 20 minute track, go look at iTunes), while the remaining five are “A Passage to Bangkok”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Lessons”, “Tears”, and “Something for Nothing”. It would be great if they released these as DLC.

  3. Cactaur says:

    That it is.

  4. Random Guy says:

    ace has been called a bot by so many people its only a matter of time before its proven!

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