Rock Out to Sudden Death!


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  20. Why haven’t the 2016-2017 season results carried over?

  21. Timely post as I’ve been contemplating which sugar peas to grow this fall and next year. I grew Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas this Spring. Since I’m in Northwest Florida, I started them the first week in January. We typically have a few light frosts, maybe a freeze and nice, pleasant weather through March and early April. They took off and were gorgeous! Five feet tall and loaded with peas, but a string of early warm days turned them from sweet to bland and fibrous in a matter of days. Very disappointing. Their demise came with a massive aphid infestation. The blessing was that the aphids brought a ton of lady bugs and lizards. I definitely want to give these others a try. Thanks for the recommendations!

  22. Thank you. It really does make a great little starter.

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