Dan Amrich shows off Star Challenges feature

Dan Amrich, aka OneOfSwords decided to go into depth on one of the least talked about features of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the Star Challenges.

He seems to agree that they are one of the most under-appreciated features in the game, so he figured he would make this video to try to get the masses talking about them right before launch.

Basically, it looks like Activision has taken the Career Challenges from Guitar Hero 5, put them on steroids and expanded them to include all DLC and imports. The on screen tracker looks like a slightly improved version of the one seen in Guitar Hero 5, and we definitely are digging the fact that you can achieve more than one challenge at a time.

Take a look at the full video below and decide for yourself whether or not this feature deserves to be talked about more.

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One Response to Dan Amrich shows off Star Challenges feature

  1. Mumrat says:

    I think it’s definitly worth talking about. When WOR drops, my library will be over 430 songs with my imports and DLCs and if each of those songs has over 13 challenges to beat, I could play the game forever and always have something to try and beat. I love it!

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