iPhone DLC: Foo Fighters and Spoon!

The iPhone DLC keeps coming!

We should be used to this by now but out of nowhere two packs from @foofighters and @spoontheband have shown up on the Guitar Hero iPhone in-game store.

Damn it feels good to own an iPhone (or iPad).

If you aren’t familiar with the songs check out the playlist below 🙂

WMG seems to love this song.

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3 Responses to iPhone DLC: Foo Fighters and Spoon!

  1. rdnetwork says:

    WTH ???? The iphone dlc is way better, in terms of quantity AND quality, then GH5 !

  2. Game!Ov3r says:

    Man, I want those Foo songs! I dont care for Spoon, but I really hope that we can look forward to these tracks coming to GH:WOR!

  3. Alicio says:

    I can’t believe iphone dlc is better than we are getting in the main games. Man I am thoroughly displeased with Activision’s music licensing department! (edited)

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