Get a Glimpse of Megadeth’s “Sudden Death” in Warriors of Rock

Photo: Brian Shea

A “severe ass-kicking” is what Dave Mustaine hopes that his new Megadeth track, “Sudden Death” will offer up to even the most seasoned of Guitar Hero vets. The new trailer released by Activision features an interview with the legendary metal-god, where he discusses his recording and releasing of the Guitar Hero-exclusive track.

The trailer shows the final boss fight, where it appears, from the looks of it at least, that players will face off against the Juggernaut robots from Final Fantasy XIII (not really). The scenery appears to take place in hell, which would make this even more of a direct sequel to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The players also seem to be in their transformed state, meaning they will likely have use of their powers.

The trailer even gives listeners a brief preview of what “Sudden Death” will bring them in terms of sound and charts. As far as we can tell, Mustaine wasn’t kidding when he said that the song would be a tough one. Take a look at that double bass and listen to that screaming solo! Check out the trailer below and let us know how much trouble you think this track will give you when the time comes for the final showdown.


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