Today Only: Guitar Hero 5 guitar bundle only $50

Today and today only, Guitar Hero 5’s guitar bundle is only $50 on Amazon. Not only does this phenomenal game come with 69 tracks that are exportable to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, but it also includes the best stock guitar controller to ever grace the current generation of consoles. Since the bundle is still more than $25, you will also get free shipping on the order.

If you haven’t checked out the soundtrack of Guitar Hero 5, it is very hit or miss, but it does contain a nice balance of difficult/fun and party songs. If you haven’t had a reason to pick this game up and are in need of a guitar controller before Warriors of Rock comes out, the time has come to pick it up.

Click here to check out the Amazon Deal of the Day.

This just in from @Veg1v0: All Stand Alone Guitar Hero 5 Guitars are available for only $19.99 Today!


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3 Responses to Today Only: Guitar Hero 5 guitar bundle only $50

  1. Game!Ov3r says:

    The songs not exportable from this game are very shocking to me… but it was a Midnight Walmart trip for me last year. I wish I would have picked up the guitar box set… the guitar is pretty sweet, and my GH3 and WT guitars are taking a crap on me.

  2. Josh says:

    The Wii Standalone Guitar is 46.99…?

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