Weezer’s iHeartRadio Launch Concert to be included on GHTV

Weezer will participate in a live concert via @iHeartRadio tomorrow in conjunction with the launch of Guitar Hero Live!

The performance will be filmed for a premium show for GHTV, what follows comes from Activision PR

October 19, 2015 – To celebrate the upcoming launch of Guitar Hero Live, Activision Publishing, Inc. is teaming up with iHeartMedia with a live concert featuring Weezer, Rival Sons and Grizfolk hosted by iHeartRadio’s Paul Costabile at the YouTube Space LA in Los Angeles.


“Guitar Hero Live marks the return of the global pop culture phenomenon and we are bringing music to gamers in a brand new way, including GHTV, our playable music video network,” said Paul Springer, SVP of Product Management on Guitar Hero, Activision Publishing, Inc. “We’ve been working with the incredible team at iHeart to develop new types of music content for GHTV and create a deeper connection between artists and a whole new audience of interactive music fans.”

iHeartMedia will continue the celebration on October 20 through an additional full concert with Weezer, which will debut music from their brand new album at the iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles. Performances from this concert are being filmed for the purpose of including them as a playable music set in GHTV, the game’s playable music video network. Hosted by ALT 98.7’s Harms, the hour-long live event will feature an intimate Q&A with the band and live performance. The event will broadcast across iHeartMedia’s Alternative, Mainstream and Active Rock radio stations nationwide; stream live for fans on iHeartMedia Alternative, Mainstream and Active Rock radio station websites.


“Music is at the core of everything we do at iHeartMedia,” said Tim Castelli, President of National Sales, Marketing and Partnerships for iHeartMedia. “We are excited to be able to connect even more music fans with the artists they love by sharing our live iHeartRadio performances in a new and innovative way with Guitar Hero Live.”


iHeartMedia and Activision intend to continue their collaboration into 2016 to bring unique playable experiences into GHTV.



It will be exciting to see what future premium content appears in GHTV, are you grabbing Guitar Hero Live tomorrow? Let us know!

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