Gamescom: Sixteen Songs confirmed for Guitar Hero Live

The press release from Gamescom just came in with some new information for Guitar Hero Live!

Guitar Hero fans will need to warm-up their vocal chords.  At Gamescom, Guitar Hero Live is confirming singing mode for local co-operative play, bringing the party back to the living room like never before.  Singing alongside the core guitar-based gameplay has always been something that defined the Guitar Hero party experience, and the inclusion of vocals in the game delivers another way for players to have fun together in Guitar Hero Live.  By plugging in any USB mic, aspiring rock stars will be able to sing to tracks in GHTV and in Quickplay in GH Live, complete with a lyrics highway and note track along the top of the screen. 

Across both game modes, Guitar Hero Live will give players access to more tracks than ever before in a previous Guitar Hero title.  Joining the line-up of songs announced thus far, bringing the total to 100, are the following:

Songs in bold were not previously known till today

Of course, once again there’s some GHTV confirmed songs mixed in so we still don’t know what is in GH Live and what is in GHTV…

Also at Gamescom, Guitar Hero Live is unveiling Rock the Block, the second music festival in GH Live. GH Live is the first person, live-action mode that puts you on stage as the lead guitarist.  Rock the Block is set in the US and takes place in the heart of an imagined city landscape in the game. With its origins in a number of smaller festivals that used to take place in and around Boulder City, Rock the Block is a spontaneously evolving event that encourages attendees and passers-by to be drawn into the festival experience.  Rock the Block joins SoundDial, the previously announced UK-based festival, as the two fictional settings a player will visit in Guitar Hero Live. Within the two festivals fans will play a variety of stages, ranging from small club stages, to headlining massive, open air mainstages. 

That seems to be all the information so far via Gamescom. Are those tracks changing your mind about this new edition of Guitar Hero? Let us know!


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