Gamespot Reveals Veteran Footage of Guitar Hero Live

Finally! We get to see what Veteran mode (Expert) in Guitar Hero Live looks like!

Shown here in the 1:36 video clip is footage of Gold on The Ceiling, When You Were Young, and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up).

Lot’s to process here such as open notes, hammer-on indications, three note chords, and more!

Does it look like a new challenge? Can’t wait till we see footage of some of the more metal songs of the setlist!


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2 Responses to Gamespot Reveals Veteran Footage of Guitar Hero Live

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  2. Hollis Pierman says:

    This looks very interesting… If there is ever a demo at a mall or someplace in Colorado, I want to go and try it out. Seems very alien to try this “Veteran” mode…

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